Bates City Church (Kingdom Hall) Explosion Kills One

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  • outofthebox

    Last Edited: Saturday, 26 Jul 2008, 8:40 PM CDT
    Created: Saturday, 26 Jul 2008, 6:41 PM CDT

    Breaking News

    A bizarre explosion at a church east of Kansas City killed one man on Saturday afternoon.

    ATF agents said the explosion at the Jehovah's Witness' Kingdom Hall on Foggy Bottom Drive was intentionally set, and that the person who died appears to have committed suicide.

    Witnesses described large amounts of smoke pouring out of the building, which they said was just recently completed.

    The source of the explosion remains a mystery, but investigators found evidence of accelerants in the debris.

    The victim was the only person inside the building.

  • crazyblondeb

    Damn, that's not far from me......

    Just hate to hear someone died over this shit!!

  • Lady Zombie
    Lady Zombie

    I live in the Independence/Kansas City area and the JWs are lighting up each other's phones.

  • horrible life
    horrible life

    Same link with photo of hall.

    Says smoke pouring out, KH's don't have many windows.

    But you know those JW's!! It says it was a new building, I bet they bull-doze that sucker off the foundation, and have another quick build, within a week. Praise Jehovah!!! Can't miss any meetings!

    The poor soul that died. We could each give 10 reasons why someone would do this. I put my money on unbelieving mate, wife leaves because the elders told her to, and take the kids. A little theocratic warfare!!

  • gloobster

    Geez! I live in Wichita. Did it say if the perp was a JW?

  • Lady Zombie
    Lady Zombie

    My folks called me a few hours ago with this.

    The rumor going around here is that the guy was a JW at the KH by himself and committed suicide by blowing it up.

    My father helped on the quick build of that KH.

  • chickpea

    what a miserable bit of news

    condolences to all who mourn this tragic end

  • jaguarbass

    Right now it sounds like a highly motivated disgruntled witness.

    It appears they had a soft spot in their heart, in that they blew it up when it was empty.

    To bad that person didn't hang out here and vent with a keyboard.

  • Junction-Guy

    Who knows? maybe he did.

  • gloobster
    It appears they had a soft spot in their heart, in that they blew it up when it was empty.

    I think most ex-JW's are much more disgruntled with the organization than with the "flock" (at least if you don't count the authority figures).

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