jwtalk...wow. just...wow.

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  • respectful_observer
    There's another topic there in a members-only folder titled "sad abuse news". Is that on the same topic? More of the same there?

    That is a thread from 2014 talking about the Jose Lopez case...another $13.5 million judgement:


    The responses are an expected combination of sympathy for the victim, accusations that Satan/apostates are out to smear Jehovah's and the organization's name, questions as to whether the WTS's policies are adequate, and blatant "blind faith" defenses of any-and-all things WTS.

  • millie210
    Things are "aflutter" in the hen house because there are repeated references to this disturbing the "unity", so some thinking for oneself is taking place.

    Hey guys if anyone is a member on JW Talk could they post some of these discussions because most of us can't get on the members only section.

    I'm sure lots of our community would like to know what is being said.

    Thanks WGO

  • cofty

    Can anybody tell us how to get a membership?

    What info do you need to supply?

  • konceptual99


    nothing there that cannot be found out. PM me for anything you don't know.

  • respectful_observer
    Btw, the jwtalk moderators finally "locked" that thread today. Members can still view it, but no one can post to in anymore.
  • Vidiot
    I'm 100% convinced that the crazy-ass (and thusly embarrassing) rantings of uber-JWs on the internet was a huge part of why the WTS demonized it for so long.
  • Listener
    They really should get themselves a bit more educated. They forget that Candice is à real person and the accusations they are making are slanderous which is illegal. The mods should be removing those comments at the very least.
  • flipper
    Wow, I just looked at the link to try to get on that board to give these JW's access to information- it's like trying to get into Fort Knox- can't be done unless you give Song # such and such from such and such meeting and a bunch of other stuff only J-dubs would know. Talk about " closed society ". Wow
  • Splash

    JWTalk is a land of fear.

    Unless you "Hoorah!" the GB every time they speak and quote them often, shed tears with each new song released, spontaneously state how much you love Jehovah over and over and embrace every new teaching with a praise to New Light, then expect to be badgered, accused, judged and finally banned.

    Every other post begins with an apology, and any topic even suggesting you might be thinking apart from the WT will bring a storm of searching, nastily worded inquisitions.

    The board is like being permanently in front of a JC, except the suspicion and unreasonableness there is turned up to 100%.

    The Bible Discussion section of the forum is just a place to share WT articles, with the discussion consensus always falling to whoever has the most recent reference. Everyone is assumed to be an apostate (Wow! Do they love to label people with that!!), and it's down to each one to prove otherwise. Expect every statement you post to be publicly questioned, casting hateful insinuations on your motives.

    The only ones who thrive there are the kowtowers who no longer think for themselves in any way whatsoever, the gossip wannabies (it often gets news from Bethelites before it hits the congregations), and the moderator control freaks.

    No wonder so many on there admit to being broken and depressed. It truly is a desperately cultish place of fear.

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