The entire US must change to CFL bulbs by 2016! It's the law! Good or Bad?

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  • JK666

    God [HS],

    Thank you for telling us everything about everything.


  • FlyingHighNow

    I don't think demanding that we use CFL's is socialism. I think it's just doesn't make sense as a good alternative to incandescent bulbs.

    I know people who do not use lamplight. They have overhead lights blasting in their houses util they go to bed at night. It's unbearable to me if they have only florescent lights.

    I need lamplight and I need warm light. I only use overhead light when absolutely necessary.

  • JK666


    Now that I have my sarcastic hat off, I will agree with your voice of reason.

    I have some CFL bulbs. It depends on the application whether they are practical. Dimmers are not one of them. They are worthless, or worse. Small bulbs should not be included in this law. They will never make low production bulbs.

    It should still be a choice to use light bulbs or CFL's. Of course, we have the black-and-white people, and the slice and dicers, who know all. Who am I to argue with their superior intellect? A high school education at best.


  • amicus

    Government, like the law, works on the reality of approximation, not perfection, but with all respect, this has nothing to do with the point.

    The fact is that it is necessary for responsible Government to 'intrude' into peoples personal choices over numerous matters. That it might get some of its mandates wrong some of the time is a given, but this does not undermine the principle of the necessity of government intervention in any way. If CFL bulbs better serve the community, as they do, then it would be irresponsible for them not to mandate their use.

    It seems to me that the US is terrified of anything that might even remotely be interpreted as 'socialism' with the same rationality that they might view witches in Salem.

    Once again, I agree. But, your statement dosen't address the subject of the discussion here.

    We're not talking about the "right" of government to pass legislation. We're discussing if this piece of legislation will ultimately be beneficial or eventually be viewed as a fatally flawed piece of legislation.

    I understand your overview. I'm probably closer to a socialist than a capitalist if I were to take the time to sort out my personal views. I'm more a realist than either though. I find that I go for the grey, when I can. Compromise is what makes representation work. Well, in my bloated country anyways.

    The "duty of governments to pass beneficial laws" discussion is for another thread though. This thread is about CFL's.

    I haven't changed my stance on that topic. Sell me, I'll listen.

  • hillary_step


    Once again, I agree. But, your statement dosen't address the subject of the discussion here.

    Yes, it does Amicus, unless I have missed something.

    Just for the record, this was the opening comment of this thread:

    What the hell ever happened to 'free choice'? It is the law that we must change - no choice.

    The subject is the rights and wrongs of impending legislation that would mandate the use of CFL bulbs nationally in the US by the year 2016 and whether this infringed on personal rights and choices. My argument is that it is the job of responsible government to mandate what is for the greater good of the community.

    CFL lighting has already been shown to be more energy efficient and far less demanding of natural resources than conventional lighting, and subsequently has less negative impact on the environment. Given this fact, a government would be irresponsible not to mandate their use. By 2012, I would hope that they or their substitutes would be even more energy efficient.

    Waiting for the public to wake up to these realities is not an option, as legislation is often the only way that social improvement develops.


    God [HS], Thank you for telling us everything about everything.

    Thankfully I have no need to tell 'everything about everything', only to the cheerfully ignorant, such as yourself.


  • JK666


    I feel thoroughly enlightened by your High School Education! You are God, and Outlaw is J.C.


  • hillary_step


    You are God, and Outlaw is J.C.

    ....and drunk or sober, you are a moron.


  • keyser soze
    keyser soze

    As long as they give off light, I'm not too concerned about it. Seriously, we're talking about freaking light bulbs. Whatever is out on the market in 2016 is what I will buy.

  • hillary_step


    Hillary, I haven't been around for years and you seem a lot angrier than you used to.

    I am everbody's best nightmare.

    I had a feeling that you were not new to the Board. Who were you then?


    PS - Have no fear of JK666. He got his nose bloodied a while ago and is constantly entering discussions that he is singularly unfit to partake of just in order to get the better of those that hurt his feelings. Only a fool carries on-line baggage. You must remember the battles of old, in the murky days gone by, when people received their stripes without petulance.

  • BurnTheShips

    There is no such thing as good government when you do not want to be governed.

    I got enough of that in the Watchtower.

    Nationalism/statism is a huge cult with the government as the idol.


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