Late capitalism

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  • slimboyfat

    Are we on the edge of the precipice?

    And if the system dies who will there be to attend the funeral?

  • abbagail

    "...who will there be to attend the funeral?"

    A bunch of scared, broke, and angry people... :-/


    I had to look up late capitalism...
    "Late capitalism" is a term sometimes used to refer to capitalism of the second half of the 20th century, generally with the implication that it is historically limited, and will eventually end.
    This idea has its origin in Karl Marx...
    According to Rosa Luxemburg, that could mean an "advance" to socialism or a relapse into barbarism.


    And We'll have Fun Fun Fun 'til Daddy took the T-Bird Awaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyy.


    Seriously, if you want the philosophical version, I guess wiki is good enough, but I'm sure you know all that already or you wouldn't have asked the question.

    But if you want the occult version, I've heard the Plan is to keep Americans feeling prosperous enough that they won't "catch on" until the Elite are ready to pull out ALL the stops (ie, WW3). Oh, they like to squuuueeeeeeze us for awhile, and then let go, and then squuuueeeeeeze us some more, and then let go, and then squeeeeezee... you get my drift. But they won't let it all totally crash until they have all their ducks in a row for WW3.

    But somewhere in there, whether before or after WW3 I don't know, they have to let America hang low enough to the fire that everyone will readily and easily agree to the Amero, no problemo... "Give us a Regional Super State/NAU and a fixed currency/Amero, so we can go get that T-Bird back from Daddy..."


    I'm having a hard time feeling serious today. Sorry about that.

  • joebin

    They've had a tough couple of weeks on Wall street and everyone is pretty much in panic mode, however I don't think it's for now, it's election year. They will will fix fannie and mac this week probably and we'll see a turnaround. I think next winter is when we'll see the crash, especially if they don't fix the price of gas. But it does feel like the edge of the precipice.

    edited to add: I will joyfully attend the funeral

  • owenfieldreams

    I definitely am worried that this world is drifting toward a communistic, leftward, athiestic , new world order. Of course, to many of you on this board, that's probably what you're praying for...Lol

  • abbagail

    joebin, you mean "next" winter as in 08/09, or 09/10?

    Around March '05 the CFR wrote publicly they wanted the NAU by 2010... so, in your opinion, will they crash America to get it?

  • joebin

    I'm just saying that cause I don't see the republicans allowing a crash just before the elections, they would definitely lose. So if we are close to a market meltdown and the republicans are putting band aids (ex: fixing fannie mae and freddie mac) to stretch it in order to hopefully win the election then we'll see a serious drop somewhere in Jan-March 2009.

    Kind of hard to say about NAU, I don't know if this stuff is for real or not but North America would have to be in bad shape economically for them to sell the idea. Keeping the price of gas where it is would most likely accomplish this.

    Both Obama and McCain are members of CFR.

  • SacrificialLoon

    The pendulum is swinging left, and necessarily so I think, but I don't think we're going to see the proletariat revolt or anything like that.

    There might be some Stalin zombies though.

  • Satanus

    While the pendulum swing towards fascism is slowing, it's still a very long way from anything resembling communism. The american system is still strongly based on preferrential treatment of the corps. The rights (if indeed they are that) of individuals to be able to work gainfully, to have good health, to have a place to live come after the 'rights' of the corps to have record profits. This system is not a late development. It attained as well, when the nation was being built, when robber barons, as they were called, built the railways and other infrastructure. It has been well named predatory capitalism. Funny how patriotic people voice affection for it/fear that the corps' claws may get trimmed as they decide if they should spend a hundred dollars on food or to fill up their gas tanks. That political correctness programing for ya.


  • DanTheMan

    Here's something fun

    Oops should have read the whole thing before posting it - it gets Watchtowerish in the last few paragraphs, sorry.

    I still have a JW's outlook on the world, only minus Jebus-coming-to-the-rescue part. The humans-are-a-hopeless-lot part, oh yeah, no disagreement from me on that one.

  • Narkissos

    Excellent post Satanus

    Btw I doubt it is the end of capitalism (yet): maybe just its moving out of its cradle (Western Europe and America) to currently more profitable lands (in Eastern Europe and Asia in particular). Don't expect gratitude except for some postcard once in a while.

    Sooner or later the West may have to dig up the old socialistic lessons it has been eager to forget lately, to be able to survive as a society on the meagre leftovers of the late period of capitalistic enthusiasm.

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