What was wrong with the 'occultic green' bibles?

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  • carla

    Geez you guys, if the doors made an issue out of the 'green' bible it was probably because their church had one and educated their flock about the cultish, occultish practices of the jw's, not that it was green, purple, red or whatever. They knew it by looks only because they had been previously warned about it (the ungodly, unbiblical content) or saw it in the hands of the jw's at their doors.

  • jamiebowers

    This whole thread makes me laugh. My first husband's non-jw father was very superstitious, and he would raise holy hell if he found a green Bible in the house. He said green Bibles were from the devil.

  • Gill

    How about 'the Green Man' - the colour of nature.

    You can understand a superstition growing around the 'green bible' in other religions, especially once they knew of the mistranslations that were apparantly deliberately included just to support WT doctrine.

    But maybe that's all lies too and perhaps the Watchtower Bible is the only true bible translation. I have heard that said too.

    Perhaps I'll go back to looney hall........or maybe not!

  • still_in74
    In the 60's and 70's spew green colors were all the rage.

    007 - I would like to paint my den this "spew green" you speak of. Any chance you have the Pantone / RGB for this?

    maybe a swatch from Ralph Lauren or Behr paints perhaps?

  • lrkr

    Knorr felt that green was the color of life. Green bible. Green walls in the factory. Green windows (frames) on all of the factory buildings. Green logo on some of the letterhead.

  • witnessgirl

    I always figured that it had to do with the Paradise Earth, nature, etc., but that was just my guess. I never really thought about it until I became aware that the Society had also published genuine leather Bibles bound in green leather with green edging on the pages. Was a big color for Bibles for a long time. I think there may have been a green imitation leather one, as well. I can totally see the explanation that Fred wanted something other than a black Bible.

    I can't find it on the CD, but I remember reading a Watchtower article about a surfer and his girlfriend who accepted a green Bible from Witnesses while on vacation surfing in Latin America somewhere. He said that they had the green Bible sitting on their dashboard while they were crossing a border. Apparently, the couple was used to being searched by border guards because they looked like hippies/surfers/pot smokers/whatever, but that the guards saw the green Bible and just waived them through. He said that he and his girlfriend came to the conclusion that the green Bible was some sort of lucky charm. This idea was never contradicted, corrected, or explained anywhere in the article. Maybe that's why I couldn't find it on the CD.

    One of the only times I ever wrote to the Society (late '80s/early '90s) was to try to order a green Bible. They wrote back saying that they didn't make them any more. I eventually ended up with a number of copies after eBay arrived on the scene. I thought that I'd gotten rid of them all by now, but recently found one (in perfect brand-new condition) in a closet.

    Pandoras cat:

    I noticed that most of the sisters in the hall nowadays have the burgundy bible. Feminine color perhaps?

    Interesting; never thought about it before. I always liked the burgundy pocket-sized Bible because it could fit in my purse or a coat pocket. I still keep one by my computer just to have handy. I think I was the only one in my hall who actually used one of the pocket-sized Bibles, though. I normally used the full-size black (imitation) leather Bible in field service, because it looked more like worldly people's Bibles. (It's really really beat up now.) I got a burgundy (genuine leather) pocket size KJV that I kept in my service bag because some people wouldn't use any other translation. I do like burgundy Bibles. I use a burgundy RSV as my main Bible today.


    WAsn't Russell's 'Comments on the Scriptures' or whatever they were also green

    Maybe there was an edition like that, but mine (1910) are maroon, as were the later (1920's) Winged Disc editions. I know that there were pocket size editions of these that I've never seen, though.


    Does anyone else remember a small hardcover NWT Bible with a RED cover? It wasn't as widespread as the ones with a green cover.

    Yeah, there was also a brown NWT, in the 1970s I think. These are desirable collectables today, LOL.

  • logic

    I agree with snowbird, it was just another thing to make jws different than other relegions. All those things that was to show that jws are different just made them look like loons. As far as I was concerned, it defeated the whole preaching thing when you look like a nut, the suit and tie thing being the dumbest of all. A lot of people at door considered it disrespectful to have a bible in that colour. Sometimes you have to consider other peoples beliefs about things if you want to ever talk to them. For instance the sihk religion considers it taboo to place a sacred book on the floor including the bible.

  • Athanasius

    I remember talking to a Circuit overseer in the 1960s when the red pocket NWT came out and he said it was bound that way because the Society got a good deal on red vinyl. Later in 1969 when the first Kingdom Interlinear Translation (KIT) came out in purple, it was said that the Society got another good deal on vinyl. By the way I remember Bill Centnar used to call the KIT the "Purple People Eater."

  • loosie

    Don't you guys know that Green is Jah's favorite color. Geez...see what happens when you don't go to the KH?!?!!?

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