Promiscuous or sexually free?

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  • Rabbit


    I'm one of those that believes it should be a committed relationship. one night stands... But that's MY BELIEF
    Basically, I agree: I've done both, and I prefer committed relationships -- because they are more nourishing and MORE FUN. One-night stands can indeed be disappointing -- not in the Victorian-drama sense -- just frustrating. It's up to the individual to decide whether it's better than enforced celibacy.

    gently feral

    Non-committed relationships can be fun, but I wouldn't want to 'live' there. After my divorce from an uber-dub, I went thru a period of "enforced celibacy," thinking anything else was a "sin". We were both told by the Elders we "...must remain celibate for the rest of our lives, because there had been no adultery. If either of you mess-up or remarry you'll be DF." That lasted 5 l-o-n-g years !

    When I finally broke loose from those mental/religious chains I went a little 'feral' myself. At first -- my WT trained conscience was killing me. But the experiences were NOTHING like I was told it would be. Sex was fun ! It was a relief, kind & gentle. I was always told it was always empty and non-satisfying. I discovered just how important human touch was to myself and other people...even if it was 'temporary'. For helped end a deep depression and proved to me that these so-called "evil, worldly people" were in fact (there are always exceptions) normal, loving people-who-need-people.

    In my opinion, those people helped 'save' me from my myself and my past. I eventually married one of those 'worldly' people and I am free-er and happier in my life than ever before.

    Never discount the Power of Human Touch. I read a Reader's Digest article a few years ago about newborn babies in a large hospital ward. This ward had a lot of babies, where most of the parents never showed up much, if at all. The doctors, nurses, aides and guests could walk thru the ward on a certain path. It was common for someone to stop, look, touch and talk to the babies along that path. Their empathy made them do this.

    I think it was a nurse, that started noticing something interesting. There were always babies that would die, but, she noticed that it was almost never the babies that lived on that path -- the one where the babies got the most attention, voices, human touch. She talked to others and they experimented, putting sicker babies in that sweet path. Guess what usually happened ? Later bigger studies proved that babies can literally not thrive without human touch and empathy.

    I don't think we adults are much different -- loneliness can kill. You have to be careful "out there", but I know I'll never judge another for finding love where they can.

    Rabbit's droppings . .. . ....

  • av8orntexas

    Get Busy with it !!!! lol

    ..........But move at your pace. When you're ready, you'll know, and it will be easier, as you grow to be more comfortable and probably find you have a wild side. Everyone does to an extent

  • Dorktacular

    If you have enough "guts" and lack of "inhibition" to get naked and have sex in the first place, then why the hang-up? Just do what comes naturally and keep an open mind. Don't let imaginary restrictions on what's "acceptable" or "proper" in the bedroom keep you from enjoying sex to its fullest potential. Whatever two people want to do with, for or to each other is acceptable - for that couple. And it ain't nobody else's business! So get busy!

  • Twitch

    I've often wondered where the line is between promiscuous and sexually free,..... if indeed there is one, lol

  • MsMcDucket
    I've often wondered where the line is between promiscuous and sexually free,..... if indeed there is one

    Twitch, I think a "sexually free" Witness does what they want with their marriage partner; and a promiscuous Witness lives a double life.

    *scratches head* *You got me?*

  • MsMcDucket

    ...does it have to do with age?

  • doofdaddy

    It took me a while post jw to really understand sexuality. Sometimes I felt that I was just going through the motions, kinda disconnected, still pleasurable though. Then I learned that sex can be just playful, no rules or set steps. Occasionally I would just sleep close to a woman and gain a deep intimacy. Also learning to breathe and open up deeper energies. Lotsa fun and satisfaction. Still learning every day and coming to understand we all thrive on intimacy and touch.

  • str8?so is spaghetti..until you heat it up
    str8?so is spaghetti..until you heat it up

    Don't rush anything.

    But be open to new experiences.

    I hate that we are all damaged in enjoying out bodies by the Borg. I felt like a stupid child the first time I had sex outside the Borg. Cause i was free to do what I wanted, but I was nervous as all sh*t. Now I know that sex is a wonderfully joyous activity, and should be experienced however often and with whomever you feel comfortable with.

    Voidy has a good point. Its all about choice. Yes or No. DO what comes naturally.

    Much Love


  • MsMcDucket

    I don't like to be touched by man or woman. My therapist asked me how did I get pregnant??? Well, that's none of his business! For real though! I don't like to be touched! When I kept my hair short and curly, I can't tell you how many times I almost jumped out of my skin because someone had decided to rub my hair/head!

  • jakmarx

    Hmmm, I been wondering about this too. Being a 24 year old who always thinks about sex. I really need an outlet!! :( but id feel terrible I think?

    All i'd say be aware of the real consequences. So just be carefull, be safe, guard your heart. Dont get used, avoid std's. etc etc. blah

    Honestly, I feel like a champagne bottle ready explode!!! Im a virgin & havnt even kissed anyone. Im really scared that i'll be Promiscuous as you say. Its soo confusin!

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