One American on International Politics

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    Was Bush really voted in?..Some say Not!...............If not..The USA,is not much of a Democracy......Lots of great people down that way.....But..........Politics and money rule most of this planet.........Clint Eastwood...OUTLAW

  • frozen one
    frozen one

    I get a kick out of the American Empire talk. Our is a unique empire. Everything goes out and nothing comes in. The Romans, Dutch, and Brits...those people knew how to run an empire.

  • digderidoo

    It amazes me that people think that by voting once every few years defines democracy.

    HS, those are good definitions of what democracy means. The thought process behind communism in that people setting up some sort of local committees to govern and giving the power back to the workers is more democratic than anyhting we see today. Unfortunately both in the USSR and China mans greed took over and what we see is state captitalism rather than true communism.


  • milligal

    hillary_step-you are speaking out of turn, you have not read the initial posting of this thread or you would not think I am trying to promote a despondance over political actions taken by my government NOR would you think I am male Thus milli-GAL.

    Here's the thing folks and I've said this three times so please pay attention or I'll lose hope that you are able read and understand (at the same time) what the true point of this thread is:

    I don't care IF YOU DO have reason to criticize America (of course you do!) I still say lay off BECAUSE

    a)your country is no better than mine whether now or at some other point in history you have done the same OR WORSE

    b)you take advantage of a lot of good that comes at America's hands so if you really hate us; stop using the lifeblood of America for your own country's use (as if any of you can boast your country's are not just as greedy) The Iraq war is a thorn in our backside as is GWB....we get it-okay?! My husband just got back from there-no one feels this more than I do.

    Just like someone who thinks their family member is out of line will criticize them; but not allow anyone else to-most American's will gladly see the imperfections in their own country but quite frankly we don't want to hear it from you....unless you want to discuss yours also : )

    Thank you very much and to all a goodnight....

  • Robdar
    No, the problem is you goddamn Independents If Independents would do their job, instead of being cynical egofreaks who imagine themselves above politics, the politicians of the two parties would be a much higher class of people by now.

    The problem is the sheep who cannot think for themselves and keep voting democrat or republican regardless of the mess the parties have gotten us into.

    Tell me, just what have the dems and republicans done that merits voting for them? Let's see, they've gotten us into a stupid war that we cannot afford, they've kowtowed to the rich, special interests groups, they're about to take this country into bankruptcy and you are telling me to vote for one of them?

    And you're telling me that I am cynical egofreak because I don't wish to vote for one of the two party buffoons? You've got a lot a nerve but what you do not have is enough sense to think outside the herd.

    Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. You can read between the lines for that insult.

    Baa Baa to you and the other sheep.

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