One American on International Politics

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  • Simon
    By the way, what has Canada done for anyone lately....

    We're the ones who put the 'white' in 'whitehouse' (literally)

    You can do so much more by doing a whole lot less. What a different world we'd be in now if Bush and co hadn't done as much as they did.

  • Wordly Andre
    Wordly Andre

    Hey I like that Canadian TV show Corner Gas

  • Simon
    For those who are calling Iraq George Bush's war, do you know that only congress can declare war? And they have the responsibility of due diligence for fact finding over if war is needed. Why isn't the congress of the United States equally responsible for any anger over the war.

    Because Bush led the rush for it. The fact that what should be political safeguards are broken doesn't relieve Bush of the responsibility. I believe things were manipulated just like in the UK (e.g. the anthrax being emailed).

    And all those Americans who were standing outside thier homes waving the American flag and so proud we were fighting have put their flags away when people started dying, what did they think would happen, war costs more than money.

    This short attention span and love of symbolysm and jungoism is one of the things that annoys other peoples IMO.

    During WWII, most Americans had the view of keeping out of Europes war, we wanted peace, however the government came up with the Lend Lease program to help UK & Russia fight Hitler, knowing that would make us a target.

    America was happy to profit from the war and sell arms and equipment ... that set a precedent for the next half century. Britain and Russia faught alone against Nazi Germany and the US was happy to hide behind the shield we provided. It's companies were happy to deal with and make money from the Nazi regime too.

    We also tried diplomatic dialog with Japan, we didn't want a war in the pacific, again most Americans at that time wanted to stay out of another war, since WWI was still so fresh in everyones mind, and for those of you who think that Americans only have one reason to go to war, yes we do, we have obligation to help our allies, in Europe we wanted to free France, Holland and Poland, in the Pacific we wanted to free the Philipines, China, and all the different islands that the Japanese had taken over.

    You only joined in when you were attacked by both countries. Stop trying to claim you did it out of some nobility or loyalty - you faught to help yourself and protect yourself from a growing threat. Japan actually managed to bomb the US mainland (which isn't well known).

    By some accounts British Intelligence / Churchil knew of the impending attack on Pearl Harbour but chose not to send a warning for strategic reasons as he knew it would bring the US into the war.

  • Wordly Andre
    Wordly Andre

    You think America was just in the Lend lease for money? how the fuck do you expect a country to pay for all that, of course we had to be sure we would be repaid for the arms, or did you forget about the great depression? Why did Canada Join the war?

  • digderidoo
    America has done a lot for the entire world to the point where you feel your economy depends upon us.

    1) Half of Europes economy depended on America for the very reason that you stated in your first post. You conquered it to form your empire!

    2) Using the fact our economy depends on yours is hardly something to brag about in todays conditions.


  • digderidoo
    Several posters on this thread are from the UK. I am a big fan of Britain, and when I think about you I think of the good things you've added to our society. I DO NOT TYPICALLY dwell on the fact that you have a royal family that does nothing but suck your money dry and monopolize your national treasures-half of which your country is not able to even see or enjoy because they are off limits in the Queens 12 castles (or however many she owns). I've been to Buckingham Palace and I have to tell you I have never seen such debauchery along the lines of disrespect for the economy and culture of the country.

    The royal family does more than suck our money dry, it also sucks the dollars from all the American tourists that come over here because they think royals are so great

    Trying to pick on another countries faults is always a weak line to take in defending your own.


  • Simon
    Trying to pick on another countries faults is always a weak line to take in defending your own.

    Especially with the UK ... we're far more likely to agree with you (maybe it's because the country is more mature or we don't have that 'one nation under god' balloney that makes us feel the need to defend things when they are wrong).

  • amicus
    Your political system is weak and is there to serve the industrial military complex and other big business.

    This essentially sums it up. We have a one party system in the US. The party in power is the Republicrats, soon to be the Democans. Two sides of the same coin.

    It's capitalism run amok. The only hope for reform is a revolution and that would probably only cause more chaos. Are we US citizens responsible for the havok our government causes? Yes. Is there anything we can do? Not really.

  • milligal

    digderidoo-your condemnation of my criticism is irony in it's purest form. YOU are the one who is more than happy to criticize my country. Don't like it so much when the table is turned eh?

    As far as the whole Canada subject....are we reading same history books?

    Finally-those of you who want to argue ethics or morals regarding politics make me wonder: have you studied the history of any world power?

  • dawg

    I'll take Britain's parliament over our Republic any day. When our founding fathers were looking for ways to stop mob rule, they should of considered parliament... a much better system.

    As for the war, it's the "flag wavers" responsible for this war... Bush and Congress wouldn't have committed themselves to this war had they not had public approval... mostly from Republicans who have never known their asses from a hole in the ground.

    The causes of the failure of this Republic is the result of an uneducated public; I hear them daily repeating Fox News and Rush Limbaugh because they actually think these sources are accurate... what a laugh!

    I wrote the paper daily before the Iraq invasion, long before predicting the outcome; but you "patriots" who supported this foolishness were too busy getting educated from the Rush Limbaugh "institute of conservative studies" to actually read a damned book or two and figure things out for yourselves. You flag wavers wanted this war, and now you've given it to all of us... mob rule at it's finest.

    But I think the thing that really baffles the mind, is now that things are clear, crystal clear that Bush is an absolute idiot, and that the Republican Party philosophy has shown once again that it is a failure, I still hear you guys who've caused this failure act as if you have something to offer this country. Good lord Republicans, why aren't you ashamed of yourselves for the catastrophic mess you caused? Do you not feel ashamed for the mess this administration has placed on this great country?

    Nah, there all of you are yet still waving your flags, declaring your patriotism while yet again doing everything in your power to destroy it. Please, why don't you just go away?

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