Warren Schroeder from Bethel on Freddy, Kline and the apostate books!

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  • minimus

    I've got a question....How exactly does one get recognized so as to be eligible for the GB?

  • blondie

    I would think that it is much the same way a man tries to become an elder; kiss the right butts.

  • minimus

    But how does someone get the recognition so that a GB member says, "we should keep our eye on this guy if someone suddenly needs to go to heaven"?

  • Tom Cabeen
    Tom Cabeen

    NHKnorr's nickname before he became President after Rutherford's death was "Brownie". Can you guess why?

  • minimus

    Was it because he ate brownies?

  • Tom Cabeen
    Tom Cabeen

    Blondie was much closer... ;-)

  • minimus

    Because he wanted to be an elder?

    I always thought of Knorr as the homophobic BOSS (under Freddy's direction).

  • Seeker4

    I knew several of the "old" anointed, and even more of the new anointed.

    Voting at the annual meeting was about all the say the old anointed had with anything, and they were pretty much told how to vote at that!

    There was one new anointed, Bob Matwijcow, an elder in several congregations in NJ and VT from the 60s on, who I think seriously thought that the GB and WTS were interested in his thoughts on subjects. He'd write the WTS all the time about things. Very smart guy, but I don't think the crew at Bethel gave him much attention.

    How funny that someone still thinks that all the "new light" is approved by the 8500 or so who claim to be anointed!! As Tom brought out, the anointed have little to do with anything like that. The handful in the GB, and that's about it.

    The WTS F&DS teaching is a theory only, and has never been put into practice. A WTS fantasy.


  • james_woods

    On the annointed and the voting shares in the Society Corporations of old...the letter I saw specifically instructed the "old annointed" persons to sign the enclosed proxy and mail it in by a certain date no matter what - even if they were going to attend the meeting in person! They were also under strict instructions to will their shares back to the society itself so that no relative could get their hands on them in the event of their death.

    The only record they had of "the annointed" in this sense was if they were a stockholder.

    Not all the old annointed were stockholders - and I suspect (but cannot prove) that certain non-annointed were eventually made "stockholders" as a kind of honorarium.

    At least that is what Marion Dunlap told me. He was kind of huffed at the time (and we were both assistant COs back then) that the Society was so bossy to these old sisters with the proxy letter. We laughed about what good the shares were if you could not sell them, will them to your heirs, or even vote them yourself! More typical WT control freaking.

    I guess this is pretty much all out the window now that they have totally re-orged the corporate structure - IIRC, there were only publicly known the Corporations of Pennsy and that of New York back then - but there probably were other secretive ones as well.

  • Dogpatch

    Cab sez,

    The other big surprise for we was that hardly any of the people who write the publications believe what is written in them in the way they expect the average WT reader to do. They are nearly all "apostates" in that sense. But they are all willing to publicly toe the party line to avoid the kind of unpleasantness that honesty begets in a place like that.

    Yeah bro, they take the Sesame Street glasses off and put on the ol' BA. Life is nice and cynical then! :-))

    What you do, is you figure out who wrote the article (not always that hard - find their pet peeve in their hidden lingo), jot down WHY they are saying this, intend to believe and do EXACTLY THE OPPOSITE EVEN IF IT KILLS YOU. Then you will no longer ne a new boy!


    Eat this crap!

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