Warren Schroeder from Bethel on Freddy, Kline and the apostate books!

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  • garybuss

    It's still interesting to me that Jehovah's Witness volunteers could get in trouble at Bethel for studying the Bible. I see that "no rational study" is a company wide policy and the policy was recently advertised in the Kingdom Ministry tabloid.

    I wasn't in Bethel. A team of wild blue mules couldn't have drug me there.

  • AK - Jeff
    AK - Jeff

    Interesting thread. Thanx Randy and Warren.

    James Woods - what was the western congo in need in Oklahoma, if I may ask?


  • wschroeder

    "Bible Study" is a JW term that applies to A PERSON who is not a JW who is studying a book. "Book Study" is the only truly sanctioned JW activity.

    Dragged by blue mules might have been worthwhile. Those sell for a premium here in NYC and bought a lot of six-packs for some thirsty Bethelites...


  • Champion

    Loved reading the experiences. Thanks

    Also, Warren when you referred to the Long Island group was that Fred Trawash(wrong spelling) from Massapequa Congregation and the gang from Farmingdale?

  • Mary
    Atlantis said: What a riot! Now all we need are some Beth Sarim photos to go along with all these cartoons.

    Heh-heh-heh......Here's one of de Judge at Beth Sarim........

    BethSarim.jpg picture by sam3217

  • james_woods

    Clinton, Oklahoma - out west from Oklahoma City on the old route 66. I served as substitute CO for about a year while we were in between special pioneers. It was around 20-25 regular attendees during that time and had the kingdom hall in a sort of dugout storm cellar type of building. There was a lot for my little Airstream trailer, and eventually the special pioneer that the society assigned behind the hall.

    Lots of weird stories from that era - but I was pioneering like I was told to do. I can tell you that two of my "bible studies" actually consisted of taking the old children's book and trying to teach the back country family (father & mother as well as kids) basic English.

    It was in the library of that underground KH that I first discovered the hypocrisy of the name YHWH all through the NWT without convincing documentation...turns out that one of the sisters got challenged on that by a college prof from Weatherford, Okla - just down the road.

    That was why I asked Schroeder Sr. about the issue, and got told to go play in the street.

  • TheListener

    Gangas would always ask biblical questions like he was testing your loyalty to God or something. If there were 2 or 3 of us in an elevator with him you tried to go unnoticed so he didn't ask a question you didn't know the answer to. I think he did it to keep his memory strong.

    George Couch as the most anti-gay heavy (non-GB member) I ever met. Every time he spoke at morning worship or in person he had to throw something in about homosexuality (when he said the word he would stttttreeeeeeetttttttccccchhhhhh out the pronunciation.

    Anyone remember when Fred Franz would give a prayer? He would semi-whisper the entire thing and then yell out AMEN, JEHOVAH!! and scare the poop out of everyone.

    I also remember (either Couch or Gangas) saying their prayers and going on and on about how great Jehovah is. Something like "oh Jehovah, you are wonderful, wise, our mighty God, our rock and counselor, mighty aqnd wonderuful Jehovah God....."on and on he'd go. I'm thinking it was Couch but I could be wrong. I do remember counting the number of adjectives.

    I haven't heard many people discuss Glass or Redford (gilead registrar and instructor respectively). Glass was the model for the apostle Paul in the Revelation book. He was old and frail; his wife drove her electric wheelchair like a bat out of hell. She didn't care who she hit or how hard. Jack was a firecracker of a man. He would have been as an oil field roughneck. He always referred to groups, when he was instructing, as an orchestra. God forbid if your part of the orchestra didn't have their volume up.

    Can anyone tell me where the old 360 Furman overseer is now? Devine.

  • james_woods

    Listener, you bring up an interesting point with the Couch anti-gay rhetoric...was this era before or around the gay purge of the 70s? As I remember the events, the Society itself never admitted that this happened, but in fact a small number of Bethelites were cast out for some such gobbleydegook as "covetousnous" or some such so they would not have to say the dreaded word sodomy.

    Maybe this was related to the Greenlees downfall too, but I somehow had remembered it that Greenlees held on a while longer - to be eased out and put to farm as a special pioneer somewhere.

  • tijkmo
    Glass was the model for the apostle Paul in the Revelation book

    are you sure it wasn't the apostle john..

    (not questioning ..just asking)

  • TheListener

    Couch's rhetoric was in the 80s.

    He used to mention how some Bethelites would walk across the Brooklyn Bridge and visit the club CBGBs. He would go so far as to ask rhetorically 'how could anyone touch a door handle that hoooommmmmmooooooooosexuuuuuuuuuuuals touched?'

    It's been a long time but as I recall it he was fixated on homosexual behavior. What does that say about him? I have no idea.

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