Warren Schroeder from Bethel on Freddy, Kline and the apostate books!

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  • VM44

    Who was the GB member who would thank Jehovah for all sorts of things during prayer?

  • Dogpatch
  • Dogpatch
  • james_woods

    I love those apostate cartoons.

    On the serious side, this was a very valuable post. These guys are all reaching the end of their lives, (Ray & the Schroeder of this thread very elderly now, Ed and Marion Dunlap both gone for quite a while, Betty Dunlap now in a home due to old age dementia, etc.) and we should never forget what really went on in Bethel during the big shakeup.

    And what heroes these men (and don't forget the women) really were.

    Great thread, thanks.

  • willyloman

    Randy: Warren's an excellent writer. Please let him know how much we appreciate his experiences, and best wishes for as long and lasting recovery.

  • Atlantis


    I thank you for my pillow! My carpet! Gravity!

    What a riot! Now all we need are some Beth Sarim photos to go along with all these cartoons.

    Keep em coming! Busting a gut!

    Cheers! Atlantis!-

  • jschwehm
    Does Bethel restrict where Bethelites are allowed to go??

    When I was there in the late 1980's we were not allowed to use the Writing Depts' library........I often wondered why that was the case.

    Also, I remember during Morning Worship on a Friday, I think it was Karl Klein who used to like to really "go off" on things on a regular basis.

    During this one Saturday morning, he told the story of this JW couple who started their relationship by cheating on their mates and getting disfellowshipped. After getting reinstated and married they had a Down's Syndrome child.

    Klein went on and on about how this couple had a "mongoloid" child as a punishment from God for their unfaithfulness to Jehovah when they committed adultery and were disfellowshipped.

    It really got the Bethel family upset and the Saturday morning he apologized for his comments.

    Ironically, a good friend of mine was asked to leave Bethel a few weeks later for, among other things, being publically critical of comments made by a member of the GB. Evidently, they (meaning the Bethelite spy network) had been working overtime to get rid of my friend and they finally got something. I guess it did not matter that my friend's critical comments on Klein's Morning Worship tirade were well taken and also one of about 2000 critical comments.........

    I really believe that the tone of Bethel changed after the 1970's and those of us who served there in the 1980's and beyond were subjected to much more spying and control in many respects. What do you guys think?

    Jeff S.

  • Dogpatch

    Kline was really a nut job. But we all knew that.

    Gangas to me was scary, like one of those clowns with a niice face, and you wonder if they are secretly into some sick fetish. A running joke at Bethel, of course.

    Knorr was the most fun to watch, when he ripped someone a new #$%hole for breakfast. Sometimes it was the only reason I came down. :-))


  • Dogpatch
  • Dogpatch

    Hey Atlantis,

    That'a a good idea!

    I have some stuff of Barb's around here somewhar...

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