Warren Schroeder from Bethel on Freddy, Kline and the apostate books!

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  • StoneWall

    I've got a question.

    Is the Karl Kline in the opening post on page one the same as the Karl Klein mentioned in the other posts?

    I'm guessing this may be an accidental misspelling or were there two different Karl's that is being referenced?

    If this has already been asked and cleared up my apologies for missing it.

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    Bumped by Request for a JWN Reader..

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    Bumped, such great reading

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    Kick...fun for everyone.
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    bump...engage awesome thread...must read.

    thx Tom, Mary, Randy, Schroder, Barbara and others for the ride.

  • James Jack
    James Jack

    If the 95% rate of Bethelites leaving JW's, how come we don't have more of them posting here? So far, I have found this thread very entertaining.

  • Crazyguy

    I have met and spoke to RL on several occasions. After he left they asked him to work on a project for several more years and he did so even though he was no longer a believer in thier doctrine. This project became the insight books replacing Ray Franz Aid book.

    He RL has studied Ancient Greek and Hebrew and maybe one if not the smartest man that ever worked in the writing department at bethel. I think he maybe even was considered to be a GB member if only he had started partaking. He got rapped up in to the chaos that was going on at bethel because he had helping Ray Franz with the Aid book. In the end he was able to escape the purge.

    He still is a bible believer and like most bible believers when you ask him pointed questions on certain bible verses that seem to condemn the book his mind has a way of explaining it away even if his explanation makes no sense, cognitive dissonance I would think.

    All in all very nice humble guy and his take on the Bible is very much more Christian then the Borgs. If some how him and Ray could of ended up in charge of the cult, all of us would be happily in the religion instead of out of it.

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