Some single older women in bad circumstances

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  • LongHairGal

    I am saddened and angry to observe the pitiful situation some of my JW single female friends are in. They are over 40 and have little work record, hardly any money and in some instances compromised health issues.

    I am angry because these women were waiting for armageddon to come and save them. Well, it isn't here yet and still they have to eat and pay bills. Do I really have a right to be angry though? I think I do. Let me explain. In the religion, there is no regard for the fact that a woman has a small window of time to get educated, get a career, etc. While I do realize that some married women have gotten a horrible deal, generally speaking they come out of a marriage with some assets.

    These single women were seduced into pioneering when they were young and should have been getting educated to get a decent paying job. They were also 'conned' into doing favors for various people in the congregation. I am talking about doing favors practically all the time, not just once in a while. In many instances they did favors for the elderly. You might say this sounds wonderful, but what about these young women's futures? Who is going to support them? Are the elderly ladies they helped going to leave their assets to them? Unlikely. In many instances these elderly are leaving their assets to the religion. The problem is that the clock is ticking. Then one day these women wake up single, middle aged and poor. Is the religion going to support them? Nope.


  • Finally-Free

    In some of the halls I was in the women outnumbered the men by as much as 2-1, so their prospects of getting married to a JW were slim. Many of those who managed to find husbands found themselves saddled with idiots. There were a lot of single sisters™ over 40 in the 3 halls I went to. The younger sisters™ felt compelled to pioneer™ right out of high school, as that was the only way a brother™ would give them a second glance. We also had a few older brothers™, in their seventies, going after the young women - provided they were under 30. The sad thing was some of these women married these old guys. It was either that or the possibility of remaining single for an entire life.

    On a lighter note, it always saddened me to see so many hot women not having sex. What a waste! I really wish I could have helped them...


  • Witness 007
    Witness 007

    That doesn't sound fair at can give and give but nothing is going to be enough.

  • flipper

    LONG HAIR GAL- Good thread ! It is true that the Watchtower society is mainly concerned with taking from it's members- including these women you mention. It is rougher on them as they have given out too much in their earlier years- but got nothing in return for their trouble , but a sore back, health problems , and no support from a loving man or husband to assist them with bills, health issues, or even emotional companionship. The JW men were too busy " reaching out" for positions in the congregations . Or - chasing after women who could be their granddaughters . I hear you. I feel for these women too. Peace out, Mr. Flipper

  • snowbird

    On a lighter note, it always saddened me to see so many hot women not having sex. What a waste! I really wish I could have helped them...


    Statements like the above is what I had in mind when I responded on the thread about words mattering on JWD.


  • seawolf
    On a lighter note, it always saddened me to see so many hot women not having sex. What a waste! I really wish I could have helped them...

    Well, if it's any consolation to all the hot women that didn't have sex at the hall, the Bible says that thinking about them in an impure way is the same as having sex with them (or some sort of crap like that....the religious grey matter area of my mind is so fried from so much religious crap that feels like it got baked from too much smack..i think all the neurons are dead) that i had sex with all of them numbering into the tens of thousands.

  • oompa

    I so hate this aspect of our faith...and for both sexes but more so the women...Let me tell you, when I married my current wife she was 38, hot and never been married....a born in with few brothers around. I hate to say it, but she make me feel like a night in shining armor who whisked her out of a horrible danger a the last moment.....and her poor old mom was soooooo overjoyed. She did not say it directly say it, but the mom let me know that she was so afraid her daughter was NEVER going to get married.....I was like a saint to her...........oompa

  • Jim_TX

    Well... it goes beyond that. I grew up in a household of 6 kiddos. 3 sisters and 2 brothers. They were all going to wait for armageddon to start their families. YIKES!!!

    I knew that wasn't for me. When I turned 21 - I left home. A few years later... like about 10 or so... my younger brother left home and got married.

    The rest of my siblings stayed. 2 died of old age (or cancer). What is left is one younger brother (now getting close to 50 years old), and an older sister (nearing 65, I'd say).

    Still single... grey... and still waiting for Armageddon. Any day now. Real soon. Just around the corner... and THEN they can begin their lives.


    Jim TX

  • Hope4Others

    Well I think we've all played the "Happy Helpful Sister" part....what we know is a shame to look back

    and then become angry all over again..I try to keep looking forward to now just for that sake. But I do wish

    I would have furthered the career idea.


  • Shawn10538

    A sister I knew was 35 and married an elder of 75. Man was he an elder!

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