Nightline program with segment on JWs has been changed until tomorrow night.

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  • RubaDub

    Looks like it will be on tonight

    But what about the States not on Daylight Savings Time ?

    Rub a Dub

  • flipper
    Just saw on my channel guide with Comcast cable- that it will be on at 12:30 Pacific time out west here in California as well. I was hoping since it is on 12:30 Eastern time it would be on 9:30 P. M. Western- no such luck
  • RubaDub

    it will be on at 12:30 Pacific time out west here in California

    That's because you are on Daylight Savings Time in California. If you are in Arizona you are SOL.

    Rub a Dub

  • AudeSapere
    @Rubadub - I don't understand why you think you are out of luck. Check your listings for 1235p and an hour earlier. You should see Dateline on the AND lineup. It's a nationwide program that has been around for decades.
  • Sail Away
    Sail Away

    Did anyone notice that they referenced Shepherd the Flock of God?

    More of Jehovah's Witnesses Statement to ABC News Regarding This Report:

    As you are aware, it would be inappropriate for us to comment on cases currently in litigation. However, in addition to the statement we previously provided, please allow us to make the following points.

    We abhor the sexual abuse of children, and we do not protect any perpetrator of such repugnant acts from the consequences of his gross sin and crime. – Romans 12:9.

    Our current and long-standing policy is clearly stated in the publication “Shepherd the Flock of God”—1 Peter 5:2, in which elders are provided the following direction:

    “Child abuse is a crime. Never suggest to anyone that they should not report an allegation of child abuse to the police or other authorities. If you are asked, make it clear that whether to report the matter to the authorities or not is a personal decision for each individual to make and that there are no congregation sanctions for either decision. Elders will not criticize anyone who reports such an allegation to the authorities. If the victim wishes to make a report, it is his or her absolute right to do so.”—“Shepherd the Flock of God”—1 Peter 5:2, chap. 12, pp. 131-132, par. 19.

    Seeking legal advice is a vital element of handling sensitive matters responsibly. Thus, for decades our elders have been instructed to contact our Legal Department whenever they learn of an allegation of child abuse. We do this, not to hide the crime and the sin, but rather to ensure that our elders strictly comply with child-abuse reporting laws.

    By means of our Bible-based publications, our religious services, and our website, Jehovah’s Witnesses have also consistently warned congregation members and the public of the need to protect their children from the horrific crime of child sexual abuse. We encourage anyone who wishes to understand our position to visit our website, and search the term “child abuse.”

  • NewYork44M
  • AudeSapere

    (Deleted by Aude. )

  • truthseekeriam

    What at a piece of crap this Kendrick creep is!! So, if you're to believe him, he molested before Candace and then after her....but never her?? Yeah right! Then he goes on to brag that he's a member in good standing.

    "Kendrick was absent from Conti’s trial and denied “Nightline’s” repeated requests for an interview. In a brief interview with “Nightline” outside of his home in California, Kendrick said, “My statement is this. I've never been alone with Ms. Conti, never molested Candace Conti.”

    He denied he ever did field service with Conti alone, and repeatedly denied molesting her or ever being alone with her.

    “I'm sure that's the smart thing for him to say,” Conti told “Nightline.” “That hurts like hell. But ... do you expect honesty from a child molester?”

    Conti is moving on with her life. She graduated from college and recently got engaged. But she said she will continue fighting on behalf of all victims of child abuse.

    “I don’t have a monopoly on pain,” she said. “Instead of being victims we can change it, and have our words speak for change. Then this pain might be a little bit worth it.”

    Since Conti’s verdict in 2012, the church appears to have made some changes on its confidentiality policy when it comes to child abuse, but critics, including Conti, say it’s not enough.

    As for Jonathan Kendrick, he says he is still a member in good standing of the Jehovah’s Witnesses."

  • Joyzabel


    things that prove JWs are a cult:

    Molest kids and still be in good standing

    Murder your parents and brother and be welcome back to the JWs

    Leave the organization, be labeled an apostate, be shunned forever

  • JWdaughter

    Kendrick was convicted in the courts of other crimes. He was never convicted of Conti and know he won't be prosecuted. Therefore, for him to repeatedly state he is innocent of this keeps him in good standing with the WT and may tend to influence people's perceptions of the WT's roles in this. However, it should not. Regardless of Conti, what the WT has done and continually does is reprehensible as regards child abuse-sexual or otherwise. They have a clear pattern of aiding and abetting molesters and other abusers in continuing their crimes unabated.

    At this point, Kendrick is entirely lacking in credibility, and the WT is also. I think that Conti or not, they need to be held accountable for their just not giving a damn when they have every legal, moral, ethical and spiritual reason TO give a damn.

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