Nightline program with segment on JWs has been changed until tomorrow night.

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  • AndersonsInfo

    I was at a criminal trial all day in Murfreesboro, TN, involving the notorious JW who I call "Mommy Molester," Angela Montgomery. This is the reason I didn't know until this evening that the Nightline program with the segment on JWs was changed until tomorrow night. (I forgot my phone.) Please pass along the word.

    When the trial is over, I'll let you all know the outcome.


  • stuckinarut2

    Thanks Barbara,

    I have never heard of this other person Angela Montgomery...

    Whats her story?

  • Joyzabel
    Will reset the DVR for tomorrow night. Thanks for posting.
  • OnTheWayOut
    Probably bumped by Hillary Clinton using her personal email.
  • AndersonsInfo

    In this trial, Angela Montgomery, an active JW, was charged with six counts of rape of one of her sons. She has two other children who say they were raped by her too, but this trial is not about them.

    Montgomery will go to trial for raping her daughter in the near future. So far, during this trial there was a significant amount of evidence presented and the testimony has been graphic and shocking.

    Montgomery did live in Tennessee where she supposedly raped her kids, but she now lives in Oregon.

    Maybe I shouldn't call her "Mommy Molester" if she is not yet convicted, but all her kids, at one time or the other, have been documented to say she did this to them over the years. I thought I heard it all when it comes to molestation, but this case is something else.

    If you want to read the newspaper article when she was first charged about two to three years ago, do a search on JWN by the name Angela Montgomery.


  • carla
    Thanks, re-setting to tape for Wed 12:30 am central time
  • Joyzabel

    lol @ OTWO. Probably.

    Trying to keep this on top 😃

  • AndersonsInfo

    As I said when I made the original announcement about the Nightline program, if there is "Breaking News" that is important, the Nightline show that features a JW segment will be moved to another night.

    As of now, airdate got bumped again. Nightline is moved to Thursday now. (1235 Friday morning).


  • cha ching
    cha ching

    Yay! We'll have a new U-Verse box by then, and we can record it!

    and yes, I know, I can watch it on the ABC site also..... ;-)


    Maybe the 144,000 club can slap together a last minute video in time to warn the flock of "apostate driven lies"?!?? Jeehoobie has delayed the broadcast!!


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