Where do atheists' morals come from?

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  • Homerovah the Almighty
    Homerovah the Almighty

    Where do atheists' morals come from?

    Well it sure isn't that murderous tyrant thats floating around up in the sky thats for dam sure

    Maybe we get are morals from humanistic values with a view benefiting all of humanity

    We certainly couldn't possible get them from that very violent unjust book called the bible

    Or which I call " Anarchy of the Almighties "

  • trevor

    People always focus on the big and obvious but morality is, for the most part, a subtle code of conduct that is demonstrated daily in the small things.

    What is considered moral, varies greatly from one country to another and from religion to religion. Things that are morally indefeasible have been carried out in the name of religion under the excuse of carrying out 'God's will. '

    There is no evidence of a fixed moral code that has been passed down from an invisible being. Even the God of the Bible regularly changed his morals as he saw fit. That is if we are to believe the only book he ever wrote?

    Each society has always adopted morals that suited its needs. What is right and moral in society regarding, for example sexual conduct, can change with time. An underpopulated world desperate for population growth may adopt different morals to a world that is dangerously overpopulated.

    Society in general, is self regulating and morals evolve and change with time as do all living things.


  • mouthy

    Hurt is not always a destructive thing.

    Except that Hurt people >>>>>> Hurt people!!!!

  • moshe

    I believe that morals developed millenia ago as the direct result of population increases. It became obvious what rules made life better/safer and what rules didn't work. With the invention of writing their ideas became a Law from God. Leaders discovered that when God issued the laws that people would obey them without them having to pay for a large army of soldiers to enforce the laws and as a side bonus the rich got richer due to the fact that the poor were restrained by religion from killing the rich man in order to steal his property and women. Why work when you can pillage for it?

    Society continues to rewrite the rules as population increases and resources dwindle. Execution of antisocial criminals was common in the past due to the lack of resources to house them in prsions . What do you think will happen in the future when resoursces again become scarce? Will society be willing to incarcerate an ever increasing number criminals?

  • White Dove
    White Dove

    I do truly believe this: The devine lives within each one of us and speaks to us through our guts. Listen to your gut feeling on things and you will most likely be right most of the time. Listen to your inner goddess/god and you will have peace.

  • IP_SEC
    Except that Hurt people >>>>>> Hurt people!!!!

    Hurt and pain are only the result of stimuli. Hurt, pain, and discomfort are a symptom of something being out of norm. I dont like pain. Dont like to hurt. If I hit my finger with a hammer, it hurts, I dont like it. It is constructive in the sense that I learn to be more careful with my hands.

    If someone does something thoughtless (or otherwise) that hurts my feelings, it doesnt have to be destructive. It gives the opportunity to learn more about people.

    Hurt and pain are not always destructive. It can be catalyst for constructive change. That is why I changed my wording from hurt to damage

  • nvrgnbk

    Important point, IP_SEC.

  • Quirky1

    This is where I get my morels...alt

  • BurnTheShips

    These are better than morels


  • Quirky1

    BTS, I stand corrected.

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