**Quitting Smoking 102** May 19, 2008

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  • momzcrazy
    And, is JG finally going to get some dick?

    Hope so...might make him nicer. Alway helps me!

    Sorry about Simon the Jewsih kitty.

    Don't berate yourself so much! Try having one less one a day. My grandma used to keep track of how many she had in a day and made the goal of having one less a day. It worked. A little too late, she died of lung cancer.


  • AlmostAtheist

    >> I was a complete dumb ass for starting in the first place.

    Same here. I quit in November last year by using the patch and gum. My jaws started aching so I switched to the lozenges. 4mg made me hiccup and wish I was dead, so I switched to 2mg. Much better.

    Quit patches, and even got off the lozenges for a coupla weeks, but got so depressed I couldn't bear it. I went back on the lozenges (still no patches) and have never stopped. So I'm not saving any money over smoking, but I don't cough up things every morning that resemble newborn muskrats either. Seems like a net-win. :-)


  • VoidEater

    So sorry about Simon, BFD. Sounds like you got tossed a live grenade in a brand new foxhole. It would be enough to drive me back.

    To Simon's quick recovery - and you know you can set a new date, every day iis an opportunity to do something different or set a new goal.

    Love -VE

  • Open mind
    Open mind

    All right BFD, you are hereby DISFELLOWSHIPPED from JWD.

    Oops. Wrong group.

    Congratulations on 43 hours!


    See if you can make it 72 next time.

    Then a week.

    Then a month.

    Hang in there.

    (Hey, in the big scheme of things, there are much worse things in this life than being a smoker so don't beat yourself up too much.)


  • mouthy

    bfd you have an e-mail

  • BenV

    Hey Buddy, You've got so many people in your corner. If you want to -- you can always try it again.

    Sorry about your cat. I can understand how that might be a real stress-out. An infected pussy is always hard to handle.

    You asked:

    WTF is with all the gay topic threads?

    Dunno -- but someone said JWD has become a "homosexual pep rally"!

    Wow! I feel my cheerleader demon taking over: Give me a G! -- Give me an A! -- Give me a Y!

    What does that spell? "You busy tomorrow night?"


  • BFD

    Thank you every one except Open Mind!

    OM you said you would not disfellowship me if I failed.

    I will try again asap. It was a slip and I am determined to slow it down to a stop.

    Mouthy thanks for the e-mails. I will keep that in mind when I feel like smoking. (((Grace)))

    Now everyone Let'ssssssssssssss Rally!!!!!!!!

    Gimme a "G" Gimme an "A" Gimme a "Y"

    What'sssss that ssssspell?



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