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    Burn The Ships: Osama Bin Laden has long blonde hair and a tattoo of Jesus on the left orb of his arse.
    HS : No he has not...got long blonde hair I mean.
    Burn The Ships: You admire Osama so why should we believe you? In fact as you admire Osama why should we believe that God does not exist or that the Republican party is not a gigantic Cuban string vest?
    HS: Where have I said I admired Osama Burn?
    BTS: Well, okay, admire is a strong word. What I really meant was in sort of admirishly admiriazing sort of way you like his sandals if only to sell them on eBay. I surmised this from the post where you stated, 'Osama Bin Laden has been mis-sandalled.'
    Journey On: Yes, I remember reading some of the turds HS has written in the past where he distinctly said that he admired Osama, so he must have long blonde hair....Hillary I mean....ermmm am I losing the plot again? Never mind, as long as I am disageeeing with HS I know that God exists.
    HS: Journey...wrong again on all counts!
    Minimus: Have you ever been wrong on all counts?
    Journey On: I am sure that I remember some turd or the other that you wrote in the past to this effect.
    HS: No you do not, as I did not write this, but speaking of turds, why are you looking so flushed.
    Journey On: Waaahhahhah! HS was mean and rude to me....Wahahahah! I need a cuddle.
    Flipper: You called!
    Burn The Ships: I am Wikipedia, Lord of Links - bomb Cuba with URL's.
    5Go: Guess what I am going to be writing about next Tuesday morning at 10.05am?
    Burn The Ships: Bow before me 5Go, for I am Half-Baked, which means that half of me may not be baked but the other half, the more important half is well baked.
    RCrusoe: Who says that I am impotent...oh sorry ..important?
    Flipper: Come on folks. What is your favorite 'What is your favorite' thread?
    Jcanon: In 539BC while the moon was waning over the Portable Molech Baby Burning Dumpster, the the reverse anti-typical Oliver Cromwell wrote on a clay prism, 'Trust in God but keep your wig dry'. The allusion to the word 'wig' makes it quite plain that I am the Messiah and that Oliver Cromwell's warts were the 'mark' on the forehead spoekn of by my still living cousin, Daniel of Birkenhead.
    FunkyDerek: When did you last see Obve's doctor?
    JCanon" Doctor? Did not the Lord provide his servants with all the medication they needed......My cat has been brainwashed and is trying to sing. I may not be around much longer...
    Hooberus: Why do you rabid, ignorant, deceitful, arrogant, lying athiests always descend to using insults against God's only true people?
    Real One: Uhhh? Only a tool says to his cart, there is no dog....Uhhhh?
    RCrusoe: I am not saying that I am desperate for female flesh, but what exactly does Osama look like in a blonde wig?
    Nicolau: If the world is not athiest by this night Friday, 11.00pm, GMT, I am going to start a war between athiests and religionists with agnostics doing the non-combatant medical duties.

    Fire at will.....

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    Just be happy your name wasn't in there Hope!

  • undercover
    Just be happy your name wasn't in there...

    I guess those of us omitted should be honored...in a backwards sort of way...

  • momzcrazy

    Here's a real conversation that just happened at my house:

    Mom: Little boy quit playing with your penis.

    LB: I like to play with my penis.

    Mom: LB, the girls don't need to see your penis. You need to put it away.

    LB: But I don't want to.

    Mom: Put your penis back in your pants before it scares all the girls away.

    Fire at will.


  • beksbks

    Hillary, your "real one" didn't have a single reference to christianity, or how god will smite Osama's wig. Your R. Crusoe was far too straightforward. And your Burn was too polite.

  • The Lone Ranger
    The Lone Ranger

    Was there a point to all this that i missed???

  • Awakened at Gilead
    Awakened at Gilead

    Everyone's on here for a different reason...

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    You don't say...

  • hillary_step


    Hillary, your "real one" didn't have a single reference to christianity, or how god will smite Osama's wig. Your R. Crusoe was far too straightforward. And your Burn was too polite.

    lol...I am glad that at least I do not have to explain the parody at the heart of my post to everyone. We used to regularly have 'A day In the Life Of JWD' as a thread in the past, just to prove that each time we log in we play with insanity. Farkel was the master, but I suspect that even he would have been taken seriously.

    What can I say....Lord, the world is going to the humans.


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