...and the JWD beat goes on...

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  • Hortensia

    hey Quentin, we also-rans ought to start our own thread. Love your outfit, by the way.

  • Quentin
    we also-rans ought to start our own thread. Love your outfit, by the way...Hortensia

    Now there's an idea...think HS would post to it?....thank you for the compliment...

  • hillary_step

    Journey On,

    You misunderstand me. I do not carry grudges as you say. But, like you, there are posters here that irk me because of one thing or another. However, I am not emotionally devastated by anything any one of you says to me. I'm perfectly confident in my ability to roll with the punches and carry on. Prideful arrogance is something I detest in any person, online or in person.

    I suspect you are the one guilty of carrying grudges around like a bloated wart by the way you have condescendingly attacked certain posters that, imo, definitely had you backed against the wall.

    Name your game Journey On. Please provide evidence for this statement...being 'backed against the wall' that is.

    You are an excellent debater and on a narrow range of subjects appear to be the most knowledgeable, but you don't like to lose an argument and you've dishonorably fought the verbal battle with some, imo.

    Here you go again...walking into territory that you are destined to get lost in. You think you know what you are talking about Journey On, but a little knowledge, especially about a person whose real character you are clueless about, is a dngerous thing. Amateur psychology seems to be your noted subject. I just wish that you were good at it.

    But, that being said, there is nobody else like you here. No wonder you have those four groupies (or is it five) slobbering over every word that comes out of your mouth....

    That should be six, including yourself.


  • cognizant dissident
    cognizant dissident

    Number One Groupie checking in.. right on cue!

    That was pretty funny HS. Slow day at the office? I'm bored too so let me have a go..

    Cog Dis and FHN: Oh! Sir Hillary! You are so wise and witty and droll! Your winsome way with words makes us wet with Slobber, Slobber,

    Journey On: Oh Great! Here come the groupies! Can't you two see that HS is really just a mean, arrogant, unsuccessful, liitle man?

    Journey On (somewhere deep in her subconscious): Now that I've got HS to notice me by being as mean as he is, I wonder if he'll let me into his special fan club too? I really hope so!

    Journey On (to herself): Oh my God! HS sent me one of those littly winky faces. He likes me! He really likes me!

    Vinny: Ha! Ha! Hillary. Once again you ignore my posts because you are unable to argue with my supine intellect! Vinny has thoroughly trounced you yet again! Bend over and prepare to be spanked by Vinny! Bwwaaaa Haaaa Haaaa!

    Hillary: Vinny you are an irritating boil on a buf(f)oon's butt! P.out!

    Farkel: Hillary, you moronic twit! Learn to spell or get the hell off my board!

    Mods: Enough! This thread is locked!

    Yeah, that was fun!


  • Hortensia

    see, Quentin. Still, they ignore us, humble little rank and file JWDers...

  • Quentin

    Tis the pyramid of life...the bottom stones support the those above...strang how the further up you go the smaller the stones...ah well, so it goes...

  • Berengaria
  • james_woods

    How did you drag this up, Beks?

    Hillary_Step thought I was a redneck hick and called me that many times.

    I thought he was a girl named Hillary.

    Too bad he never got to know that I am defiling one of his precious Silver Dawns by driving it in cowboy Texas.

  • Berengaria

    LOL I was looking for something else, and ran across this. I loved that guy.

  • talesin

    lol, Beks,,, I miss crossing swords with good ole HS....

    not looking forward to the (already started) election flame-wars, though .... *sigh*


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