...and the JWD beat goes on...

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  • Berengaria

    I'm an addict

  • talesin

    hehe,, it's not like anyone is clever anymore,,, from the Reps ,,, it's insult insult, personal insult .,,,, mock mock ..

    BUT,, if I was a Yank, I'd probably be into it as well! (flaming liberal that I am!!) You make some good points, and it's important for newbs (out of JW) to get a 'taste' of politics in the RW,,

    so, keep up the good work.... :)


  • Berengaria

    Journey On: Yes, I remember reading some of the turds HS has written in the past where he distinctly said that he admired Osama, so he must have long blonde hair....Hillary I mean....ermmm am I losing the plot again? Never mind, as long as I am disageeeing with HS I know that God exists.
    HS: Journey...wrong again on all counts!
    Minimus: Have you ever been wrong on all counts?
    Journey On: I am sure that I remember some turd or the other that you wrote in the past to this effect.
    HS: No you do not, as I did not write this, but speaking of turds, why are you looking so flushed.
    Journey On: Waaahhahhah! HS was mean and rude to me....Wahahahah! I need a cuddle.

    LOL, that guy sure knew how to call 'em!

  • journey-on

    No he didn't.

  • shamus100

    He pretty much nailed it.

    Thanks for bumping this thread, Beks. It is true - the beat goes on. Rinse, repeat.

  • BizzyBee
    speaking of turds, why are you looking so flushed.

    Laughed, nearly wet meself!


    I liked having Hillary here..

    No Bullshit..Never coddled Cry Babys..Funny as Hell..


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