Myspace is bad

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  • easyreader1970

    At our last circuit assembly they made a public denouncement against community sites like myspace. They say that the association is bad. Also they say that people that are on the site that say they are Witnesses may not really be Witnesses. They may be sexual predators.


  • Tired of the Hypocrisy
    Tired of the Hypocrisy
    may not really be Witnesses. They may be sexual predators.

    Like a jw needs to look any further than their own dub hub for that!

  • carla

    Myspace can be a great place for young people to keep in touch with classmates, etc... With even the slightest bit of common sense it can be safe. If jw's feel that talking to strangers is so terrible, why the hell are they knocking on strangers door annoying them every week? or on street corners or whatever they do in the cities?

  • rache31

    Years ago for those of us raised as dubs, our parents could better control who we associated with. Now, it is harder for parents to know if their kids are close to "worldly" kids or not. And yeah, on myspace someone could pose as a dub or be what they like call "apostate" It is freaking people out because they can't control what their future lil pioneer kids are exposed to. I also think of the number of people starting to date outside of the witness religion too. They can't stop it but they'll sure as hell try!

  • jgnat

    Facebook was mentioned specifically at the last convention. Thanks, Bethel! Now I know where to look.

  • Velvetann


    Would you tell me what your space url is I LOVE APOSTATE profiles. PM me if you can. I want to add more to make it Apostate and your opinion would help


  • jaguarbass

    The Publishing company is threatened by their sales force being able to communicate with a wide array of people with a wide array of interest.

  • loosie

    High control religous groups are BAD also.

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