Jehovah's Witness wives do not need consciences.

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  • Witness 007
    Witness 007

    Yeah Cognac, I think your "spiritually weak" like me.

  • flipper

    COGNAC- Any husband in his right mind would say YES! If it were my wife, I'd tell her, " Honey, your weakness is my strength ! Carry on ! " Peace out, Mr. Flipper

  • StAnn

    The JW doesn't have a "conscience." Rather, he/she has a "bible trained conscience." Since the JWs wrote their own bible, it follows that the JWs actually have a Watchtower trained conscience. For the JW, conscience is just another term for brainwashing.

    If JWs actually had consciences, they wouldn't be able to treat others the way they do, especially not their own family and lifelong friends who decide to leave the WTS. And they wouldn't be able to neglect their "worldly" family members. Cats treat their kittens better than JWs treat their families.

  • FlyingHighNow

    When I was in and married to a brother, I showed him respect most of the time, unless he was being an a$$. But I had my own conscience. I did what I felt was right or wrong. I never allowed him to push me around like I was a child with no rights.

    When I stopped going to meetings, I started raising my kids as I was raised. This was because the husband never went to meetings unless I got everything ready: the kids, the bookbags, the clothing, including his own. When I got too ill to do that anymore, guess what? No one went. He did not take the kids to the meetings or service. He never studied with them. But he expected them to live as staunch JW's. That just wasn't fair or wise. I let my daughter go to the prom, all that stuff. So husband made threats all the time about divorcing me. He finally contacted a lawyer, trying to scare me into submission. I called his bluff.

  • hotchocolate

    ha!! ahhh "Your weakness is my strength, carry on!" That is classic Flipster.

    All you naughty, spiritually weak people. No wonder you're all postates - it was the oral that did it - the tool of Satan himself.

  • watson

    They are not talking about Satan's tool....

  • cognac
    All you naughty, spiritually weak people. No wonder you're all postates - it was the oral that did it - the tool of Satan himself.

    Yes, we are very, very naughty!!! lol

  • truthsetsonefree

    "Husbands, I think have a lot more pressure. I'm glad I'm not being pressured constantly to give all these talks and other assignments."

    True, and a lot pressure leaving. At least if one is an elder it is nearly impossible to fade.


  • llbh

    The title of this thread showa beyond doubt why the wts and many religions are wrong. Any religion or organisation that seeks to subjugate a women is empirically wrong. It is so totally wrong on any level. There is not argument that can be put forward to support it

    regards david

  • FlyingHighNow

    This subjucation of women? I know people who aren't religious who buy into this men are superior crap. Men are just bigger and stronger physically in most cases, so they have run the show since humankind began.

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