Favorite Blues Singers , Guitarists, or other Blues Instrument Players ?

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  • flipper

    JAGUAR BASS- Wow! Great group and artist picks ! You have similar tastes as I do- all of them you mention I really like !

    FLYING HIGH NOW- My wife loves Johnny Winters a lot too ! Buddy Guy and Muddy Waters big time ! Janis and Billie Holiday were great !

    TIRED of the HYPOCRISY- Great picks ! I really love Jimmy Pages guitar work - he is my all time favorite guitarist !

    RAPUNZEL- My wife has that Humble Pie album you mention with " Thirty Days in thr Hole " on it. They were good. Yeah, my wife loved Canned Heat too. I have a CD with the Rolling Stones doing mostly Blues on as well. They were really influenced by the blues !

    BLACKHOLESUN- Jeff Beck was great as well !

    LAYLA 33- Great picks ! I loved BB and Muddy Waters both. Bobby Rush - another great one ! Mrs. Flipper and I listen to the blues all the time !

    TINKER- My wife has " From the Cradle " by Eric Clapton - I think that's the one he plays all blues on - great album ! John Lee Hooker had a gal friend who was a JW ? How strange - you learn something new every day !

    DINAH- Great picks ! John Lee & B.B. were great ! Stevie Ray Vaughn is my 2nd all time favorite guitarist ! Mister " Mick the Lick " Jagger inspired your avatar I assume ? LOL! I bought my wife a t-shirt with the Rolling Stones tongue symbol on it - she loves wearing it ! Peace out, Mr. Flipper

  • RR

    Gary Moore, is by far the best blues guitarist!

    Gary Moore in a dual with B.B. King singing "The Thrill is Gone" http://youtube.com/watch?v=lqAuuIDU2sw

    Another classic is "Messiah will come", an instrumental - http://youtube.com/watch?v=lWp-Mazmf88


  • flipper

    RR- Yeah, I agree Gary Moore is really great. I love that song, " Still Got the Blues For You" a real classic. Thanks for the u-tubes ! Peace out, Mr. Flipper

  • Rapunzel

    In regard to blues pianists, Jerry Lee Lewis comes to mind, although it's true that he [Lewis] was really influenced by - and owes a lot to - the Afro-American pianists in the "honky-tonk" style. I'm ashamed to say that, off the top of my head, I can't name one single pianist in the "honky-tonk" style. Maybe someone can recommend some good blues/honky-tonk pianists.

    Somehow, I have the names Otis Span and "Pinetop" Williams in mind. Are they pianists, or do they play another instrument? Or are they vocalists?

    In regard to blues artists, I forgot to mention "Big Momma" Thorton; Blind Willie McTell; the duo Sonny Terry and Brownie McGee; and David Bromberg. Does anyone know if Bromberg is still alive? Is he still touring/doing concerts? Many years ago, you could see him live in Boston. Is that still the case? Somewhere in storgage, I have a vinyl albumn on which Bromberg does a great rendition of the song, "Delia." There are many versions of this song; it's a classic "jailhouse"song. Bromberg does a very beautiful and haunting rendition of this song.

  • Quirky1

    Buddy Guy and freinds.


    I love the blues! Here's "Hesitation Blues" by HOT TUNA.********************** http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WEtT9yZBLFs

  • flipper

    RAPUNZEL- Oh yeah. Good artists you list. I have some of Otis Spanns stuff. I believe he played with Muddy Waters for years as well ! And my wife and I have some Sonny Terry and Brownie McGee as well. Very good artists the other ones you mention too !

    QUIRKY- Buddy Guy- Awesome !

    AWAKE & WATCHING- Hot Tuna was good ! Thanks for the U-tube ! Peace out, Mr. Flipper

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