Favorite Blues Singers , Guitarists, or other Blues Instrument Players ?

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  • flipper

    My wife and I have always loved the Blues ! Great soulful music, seductive, moody, and just downright great t dance to and listen to live or recorded ! So who are your favorite blues performers ? There have been so many through the 1900's till present it's hard to list them all- but here are some of our favorites:

    2. Buddy Guy

    3. Jimmy Page ( I know he's rock n' roll , but he played blues in Zep's music ! Chill. )

    4. Charlie Musselwhite

    5. Muddy Waters

    6. Howlin Wolf

    7. Taj Mahal

    8. Robert Cray

    9. Van Morrison ( He was good when he did the blues ! )

    10. Paul Butterfield Blues Band

  • SirNose586

    Jimmy Smith, Jimmy McGriff, Brother Jack McDuff, and Joey DeFrancesco. All Hammond-B3 masters.

  • flipper

    SIR NOSE- Great picks ! All of them ! I like some of the real old timers too, like Sonny Boy Williamson, Lightning Hopkins, Robert Johnson, and Leadbelly. Some of that real old stuff is pretty cool. My wife and I have lots of those CD's as well

  • JK666

    This thread just makes me want to put on some Robert Johnson.


  • JK666

    Let's add Albert King to the list. I saw him open for B.B. once, and I enjoyed his harder edge blues better.


  • flipper

    JK- Oh yeah ! Albert King - he was the more " out on the limb" blues of the King's wasn't he ? I sure like his stuff, very true ! I have the CD " Blues at Sunrise" where he plays with Stevie Ray Vaughn - it's great ! Damn, I forgot about Stevie ! How could I do that ? Spank me ! He's my 2nd all time favorite guitarist ! Must be the wine soaking in. Peace in , Mr.Flipper

  • Rapunzel

    Hi, Flip! A few weeks ago, I posted a thread on this topic. May I suggest Hendrix, Clapton, and Stevie Ray Vaughan? Also I'd like to mention the group, "Hot Tuna." They were at Woodstock [the first Woodstock, in the "hippy" days]. They well known for their song "Goin' Up The Country," but they also did a lot of blues. Also, the group, "Fleetwod Mac" did a lot of blues in their early days [pre "Rumors"].

  • restrangled

    One of my favorties....."Blue" by Joni Mitchell. I have never heard anyone else able to sing this.



  • flipper

    RAPUNZEL- Great suggestions ! I do indeed love Hendrix, ( I have Hendrix Blues) on cassette . And I'm a huge Stevie Ray fan ! A big Eric Clapton fan too ! I have one old Fleetwood Mac album on LP featuring " Hypnotized" ; great song before Stevie Nicks came with her gravelly voice ! LOL! Hot Tuna- I need to hear more of their stuff. My wife said she remembers their stuff, but it's been so long we will have to revisit them at our local nearest used CD and record store ! Is there any Hot Tuna album or CD you would recommend over others ? Just curious. Thanks, Peace out, Mr. Flipper

  • Locutus of Borg
    Locutus of Borg

    Jimmi "Hear My Train a Coming" http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wCQBbgb_Lvo

    The One and Only . . Stevie . . . . "Texas Flood" http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YDBIbJKjAZQ

    Jimmie Vaughan and Omar Kent Dykes (Omar and the Howlers) "Jimmy Reed Highway" . .


    Jimmie Vaughs, "Dengue Woman Blues"


    Any Rory fans here?? "Mississippi Sheiks" http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rn1r95Vj6IA

    Rory "Going To My Hometown" http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h-n06I62oQU

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