Pop Psychology - warning

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  • reniaa

    Good post :) no one know the age or circumstance of people on here only what they are apparently told as well as what makes some qualified to give advice so always be cautious is a good rule of thumb.

  • frankiespeakin

    Good advice for the kiddies, and watch out for infomercials they are all rigged.

  • WTWizard

    The cold truth is that no forum can be a substitute for professional help. People do not know the whole picture, but can post general advice that could help others that are in similar positions. However, no one can precisely pinpoint one person's situation exactly the way a therapist can. And that goes double for health conditions--no forum can replace a qualified doctor, allopathic or naturopathic. Diagnosing problems can be tricky, and one cannot expect to get diagnosed on a forum.

    Anyone with serious problems is best served in therapy. People can give general advise that may help, and may help those in similar situations. I have seen this in "Private Support" where there might be 20 or 30 different answers, out of which 10 are totally wrong for that situation (but may be valuable for someone else in a similar situation) and 2 or 3 are near-ideal in that situation. Which means people need to fully integrate, and cross-reference, any advice they get on a forum.

  • hillary_step


    Well said.

    I especially grimace when I read posters, who are completely clueless about a persons emotional makeup, their circumstances, or their motives suggesting that a person leave their wives, husbands, job, boyfriend, girlfriend, etc. I just hope that this sort of 'Hollywood' instant mix advice is heartily ignored by posters in favor of professional REAL LIFE help.

    The best way to 'help' a person on a discussion board such as this one, a concept that imo is overplayed anyway, is by providing information, not advice or even cuddles. ;)


  • journey-on

    I especially get nervous when a teen or someone in their very early 20's comes on board with big issues.

    They are so vulnerable and if having been raised a witness (I'm speaking from experience) even 21 or 22-year olds

    can be like children ready to absorb anything anybody tells them, if it is told to them in that authoritative,

    grown-up "voice". Then there are those with very REAL psychological problems who should be under a

    doctor's care. One wrong piece of advice to these folks could truly be detrimental. That being said, this

    is still a discussion board and I guess everyone has the right to speak freely to whomever signs aboard.

    Thanks, Uzzah, for reminding everybody that "Pop Psychology May Be Harmful to One's Mental Health".

  • snowbird

    The best way to 'help' a person on a discussion board such as this one, a concept that imo is overplayed anyway, is by providing information, not advice or even cuddles. ;)


    What have you against cuddles, HS?

    Everybody needs a little cuddling sometime. It's good for what ails us.


  • joebin
    JCanon will never lead me astray

    Maybe not but you might end up crossdressing as Pat Benatar

  • hillary_step


    What have you against cuddles, HS?

    In real life? None at all.

    On discussion Boards, plasticity personified. An emotional retreat for those who enjoy a form of self-directed emotional masturbation and whose 'cuddle' is about as deep as the next post they read.

    I think that is how I feel.


  • Mary
    I've occassionally been guilty of giving advice on this forum myself. I try to stick to topics that I have had some experience and training with. Still, I don't think my little tidbits of questionable wisdom replace professional help which is what I ultimately recommend to people who obviously need it.

    I think many of us have done the same thing on here. It's one thing to give our opinions or suggestions or support because sometimes people just want to vent or get someone else's opinion on a particular matter. I've seen people on here ask 'Should I let my child stay the weekend with my Witness Parents?' or something to that effect. We all chime in with our opinion and suggestions. When my father nearly died last year, I had alot of support and some excellent suggestions which I greatly appreciated. Absolutely nothing wrong with that.

    However, I agree with Uzzah that anyone who is suffering from depression or addictions or relationship problems, should seek professional advise and not rely on the untrained ability of anyone to solve their problems. I get several PMs from a few on here who are suffering from depression or financial problems or even motivation. While I will give them some suggestions as to what I would do in their situation, I also tell them that they should seek someone in their area who is trained to deal with whatever issue they're having. Too many have suffered from the untrained, unprofessional, shit advise that they got from the elders when they were still in the religion. We all know of the one sister featured on Dateline whose husband was beating the holy hell out of her and her daughter (as well as molesting them). The elders of course came up with the stunning advise to "pray more and go out in Service more" to solve her problems.

    Excellent post Uzzah.

  • chikikie

    Most ones seeking advice never take whats offered ne ways, so i think its a mute point

    becky if youe online can you give me a ring

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