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  • Uzzah

    For the past few months I have found myself biting my tongue at what I have been observing with some participants on JWD. Please keep in mind I have been around since Noah on these boards (circa 1997) and have watched several trends and people come and go over the years.

    I am not seeking approval, support or anything other than expressing a personal observation.

    Every once in a while an egoist appears on the ex-jw boards. More often than not a former elder who feels they continue to hold some sort of special wisdom that they must proclaim to the masses. Some even going so far as to start threads encouraging people to come to them for advice. More often than not, these individuals are untrained and at best have read a few self help books or are watching Oprah and Dr Phil religiously. Some are motivated sincerely to help, others are just out to feed their own ego.

    Regardless it is extremely dangerous to start dishing out advice, especially on emotional/psychological matters without formal training. Most professionals would refuse to give out some of the advice some have offered and for good reason.

    I guess I just want to remind everyone that this is the Internet. This is not the best place for psychological or even relationship advice. Most here are just doing what we can to survive and eek out some happiness in this life. These boards can be great places to vent with people who have similar backgrounds.

    Be careful of thsoe who portend or pretend to be all knowing sages. I hate to quote scripture but "Do not put trust in every inspried expression" does apply well.

    If someone is giving advice regularly on the Internet, they are doing so knowing full well they cannot be held accountable for it. You have to live with the consequences. So despite the smooth words and good intentions, please be judicious in who, what and how you proceed on receiving advice from anyone on the net including the well intentioned here.




  • Bring_the_Light

    ....... wait a second...... isn't this psycological advice? ...... paradox...... trippy.... you are so wise I will follow you wherever you go.

  • John Doe
    John Doe

    Tell me Uzzah, do you feel angry? Are you projecting? ;-)

  • Uzzah

    Thanks A&W

    To the others ... ummm ... whatever.

  • John Doe
    John Doe

    It's ok uzzah, tell us how you really feel.

  • avengers
    This is not the best place for psychological or even relationship advice.

    Are you talking about your advice?

    You say you've been around this board since 1997.Your avatar says you've been around since 22-Jan-03


  • Uzzah


    I am neither giving Pysch nor relationship advice. It is simply a caution.

    I posted as Kismet before (June 2000 I believe was the sign up date) and was mod and participant on H20 for several years prior to Simon creating JWD.

  • cognizant dissident
    cognizant dissident

    Good advice, Uzzah. I think there will always be people in life who are ready to dish out "expert" advice on various topics of which they know very little or nothing. And for every person who likes to tell others what to do, there are scads of people lining up wanting to be told what to do. Why do you think JW's and other religions are so successful?

    I think there has to be some personal responsibility on the part of individuals to not just accept the first thing someone they just met (or haven't even met) tells them. I think people have to accept the responsibility for their own decisions and choices even if that choice is to listen to and trust someone whom they have no reason to.

    I've occassionally been guilty of giving advice on this forum myself. I try to stick to topics that I have had some experience and training with. Still, I don't think my little tidbits of questionable wisdom replace professional help which is what I ultimately recommend to people who obviously need it.

    So now, I will give two more cents worth of advice: "Be careful of "expert" advice even from qualified experts. Be still and tap into your own inner wisdom. No one knows your own experience and what is best for you better than yourself. Often, you just need to be quiet enough to listen for it."

    Old zen saying: "If you find the Buddha along the roadway, slay him."


  • John Doe
    John Doe

    This seems to me much ado about nothing. We're all adults here and we are responsible for advice we seek or advice we apply. You sound as if you'd have us live in a vacuum where we do not discuss any ideas or theories for fear someone might hurt themselves. That's hogwash. Perhaps I've not seen the posts of which you speak, but I've not seen anyone here proclaiming to be an expert. Unless they state otherwise, anyone's opinion on a public forum should only be assumed to be layman's advice. If you don't already know that, you've got bigger problems than soliciting advice from the internet.

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