GB Anthony Morris 2007 DC Talk DESPERATE PLEADINGS

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    Olin Moyles Ghost

    I listened to the talk today, and followed along with the speaker, looking up the scriptures. Overall, I would give it a 6.5 out of 10. If you want to hear what a REAL governing body talk sounds like, listen to the Ray Franz talk from 1976 that anasazi posted earlier. Now that's what a GB talk SHOULD sound like.

    This Morris guy is not a bad speaker and is not dumb. Rather, he's very average. The reasons he gives for trusting the FDS are absurd, though. I mean, does the fact that the WT has consistently been published on schedule prove God's backing? Really? Is that the best they've got? Also, the growth statistics: worldwide, the Muslims, Mormons, and Pentecostals (and perhaps others) are way ahead of us on that metric.

    I didn't like his discussion of the "perfect and discreet slave." An earlier poster mentioned the straw man fallacy. This is a prime example of that. I think I will share this talk with my JW family and friends as an example of the level of importance that the Society places on following men. Brother Morris's unabashed "follow us, follow us" rhetoric combined with his pitifully flimsy reasons why should make excellent food for thought for thinking JWs.

    Back to Ray Franz, I really enjoyed his talk. It was a little long (1 and a half hours), but it was a great talk. He spoke with a lot of compassion and at certain points in the talk mentioned the importance of not getting hung up on minor matters, but allowing one's conscience to operate. The introduction has some nice self-deprecating humor regarding his being the "other" Brother Franz. Toward the end, he discusses some of the new members of the GB, including Jaracz, Chitty (!), and Schroeder. Overall, an interesting talk if you have the time to listen to it. Thanks to anasazi for posting this.

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    No one cares about your biased opinion.

    Say....That's just what I was thinking....

  • JimmyPage

    Please, brothers, pay no attention to the man behind the curtain!

  • isaacaustin


    >On what basis do you say that they are "Jehovah's people"? Please answer this."

    Jehovah's Witnesses are Jehovah's people because we use his name, do the preaching and are a united brotherhood and have good attitudes about matters. The kind of people that Jehovah God wants.

    Really? First of all show me from Scripture that because a group uses God's name (assuming you are correct in the use of Jehovah) that that makes that group "Jehovah's people". I certainly agree the WT uses the name Jehovah extensively, most notably in their false prophecying. Also, there is another group that uses extensively the Divine name...The House of Yahweh. So perhaps they are "Jehovah's people"?? United bortherhood/good attitude about matters? That is simply an opinion that you are asserting as fact. Not a very convincing answer as to why you feel Jehovah's Wintesses are "Jehovah's people".

    What do you have to offer?


    I thought so.

    Exactly. We have nothing to offer- Jesus does. The WT has nothing to offer- they are also simply man. Where in the Bible does it say to find an org? You asked that question as if we are supposed to have another org all ready for you to jump to.

  • isaacaustin

    Better to get the undoctored version at Undoctored?? But certainly not honest.

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