I backed off my anti WTBS talk and God showed up...

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  • kzjw

    I had been doing the "WT is a cult thing" with the wife for three months, while looking for insight on JWD, and a few of you wisely suggested that I just back off before I lose my wife. Didn't think much of it at first, but I relunctantly heeded the advice. Well as soon as I did, the FLDS scandal followed by the other cult guy showed up, and then her favorite show (Law & Order) did 2 cult like storylines that we watched together. I watched her shake her head and mention how stupid she thought the people involved were...and then it hit her! I just leaned back & smiled a little...Did God send her some new light?

    It's the same when I attend Sun meetings, a lady had a flat tire after a recent meeting. I came out and saw her calling her son to come fix it. Not one able-bodied brother came to her aid, though a few did say "Oh, I see you've got a flat, sister?" (stupid ass question). So I walked over and offered to help. 5 minutes later, I've got the tire off, pulling the spare outta the trunk, and now, one of the younger brothers offers to help...I guess an PO/elder figured the "heathen" was making them look bad. Turns out the Sister's son was 20 miles away and by the time she called him back to tell him the flat was fixed, he hadn't even left teh house yet! When asked why I would change a tire in a $300 suit, I answered, "It's not my fault, blame it on my mother, she raised me"...i think god was sending a little message that day too...

  • mrsjones5

    Funny how that happens, huh?

  • WTWizard

    So much for "Christian" kindness. The witlesses are more preoccupied in looking presentable for field circus to do anything helpful to others. That is, aside placing Washtowels and Asleeps.

  • lesterd

    Its always a stranger that tell them something they believe, never their husbands, what do they know?

  • Hortensia

    wow - not one of them offered to help their own "sister?" I remember an article many many years ago in the WT that seriously discussed whether or not a JW should stop and help a DF woman with a flat tire. The answer, and I am shocked still, was well maybe, if she was on the way to the KH for the meeting. My god!!!

  • jwfacts

    It is great to hear things are starting to click with your wife. As Jesus said "a prophet is not accepted in their own town" - it is very difficult for your wife to accept what you tell her. But now you have planted the seeds she will start to be more aware of what is going on around her and be able to make up her own mind on things.

  • Hope4Others

    The smoother you let things ride with little hints the more she will absorb these things. Being gentle is the key.

    Glad things sound as if they are definitely improving and you are really working at it.

    Best wishes.



  • LouBelle

    oh that sounds so very familiar - I had to phone my unbelieving dad many times to help me out. In the end I figured I'd start learning how to do that stuff myself because not one of my loving brothers would help me - perhaps I wasn't cute enough for them.

    I'm so glad you showed them - big up!

  • Rev1212

    Regarding the disfellowshipped sister and the flat tire article -- that was from the August 1, 1974 WT. And the article did say the right thing to do was to help the ds'd sister with her flat tire. The article was about exercising balance regarding disfellowshipped brothers and sisters. And the flat tire scenario was used in the article to show that it is cruel and inhumane to treat disfellowshipped ones badly. Here's the paragraph:

    " But consider a less extreme situation. What if a woman who had been disfellowshiped were to attend a congregational meeting and upon leaving the hall found that her car, parked nearby, had developed a flat tire? Should the male members of the congregation, seeing her plight, refuse to aid her, perhaps leaving it up to some worldly person to come along and do so? This too would be needlessly unkind and inhumane. Yet situations just like this have developed, perhaps in all good conscience, yet due to a lack of balance in viewpoint."

    I've had my share of car problems and the brothers (and sisters) have always volunteered to help me out -- whether to fix a flat, give me a jump, or give me a ride home.

  • heyfea


    You done a good thing my brother. Hey, by the way, maybe you're one of the few brothers who can actually

    afford to buy a $300 dollar suit. LOL


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