America: East or West coast for travelling?

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  • M.J.

    The East coast, on the whole, is a lot, lot greener. It's beautiful. That part is really nice. But the landscape is relatively uniform. yes, you have the everglades, the Appalachians, and other cool features of interest but you don't see the dramatic variety you see on the west coast. But the big urban, cultural centers are spread much further apart.

    Here's a western to do list for ya:

    Land in Phoenix or Vegas (depends on how much Arizona you want to see)
    From Phoenix: go through Prescott, Jerome, Sedona, Oak Creek canyon, Flagstaff, to Grand Canyon-South Rim.
    If you have time: Zion / Bryce Canyon National Parks in S. Utah.
    Then go to Vegas.

    Next stop, Southern California

    I'll let one of the SoCal people take it from there, since I gotta run...But in short I'd take Hwy 1 up the coast to the 101 further north along the coast all the way up to Washington St (with some notable side detours).

  • loosie

    I'm in the middle of the US. I agree don't start here, it's BORING. The only interesting thing in the midwest here is me. LOL

    I'm from the west coast. You can take the girl out of CA but you can't CA out of the girl. Go to the west coast, for beautiful beachs. Be sure to vist the montery aquarium.

  • Quirky1

    I disagree with you loosie. St.Louis, Kansas City are nice but Chicago is great!

    Canoeing the rivers in S.E. Missouri, Kentucky and Tennessee is a blast.


  • VoidEater

    For history, go to Europe. ;-)

    Seriously, our only real "history" is on the East Coast. New York - Manhatten - is a world in itself, and as others have said you will see more per mile in the East.

    But - my heart is on the West, in San Francisco in particular. It has beauty, urban areas, architecture, and the California "vibe". Sure, laugh at the nuts in California - but rarely will you find a more relaxed, cool place to hang out.

    Southern California (Los Angeles County) is a 7 hour drive from SF and still the entertainment capital of the US, and there's almost the vibrancy of NY mixed in with the bohemia of SoCal in places like Hollywood. Santa Monica, Venice, Santa Barbara, the beaches...this is the California lifestyle.

    A four-hour drive from LA is Las Vegas, Nevada - the closest thing to Manhatten you'll find on the West side of things, and whil it isn't NY you can take in a show or ten, play in the casinos if that's your thing, of use it as a jumping off point for the Grand Canyon, Valley of Fire, or just Red Rock for desert grandeur and some evidence of relatively early man. Nevada of course can be very hot but is also very dry.

    Las Vegas can be socially very superficial - but if you're just visiting, that can be fun, too. Just don't be surprised with the saturation of ads for hair removal and breast implants. Southern California isn't as bad. Northern California is much more relaxed and socially responsible.

    What sounds intriguing to you?

  • Layla33

    Personally, you can't say you have been to the US without visiting NY and the South and don't forget Philadelphia.

    I like California, especially San Franciso and San Diego,

    If I had to choose, it would New England, work my way to New York, zoom down to Philadelphia, ride through Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina and enjoy Florida for a while. Then drive through Alabama, Lousiana, then up to Chicago. Take a plane ride from Chicago to Nevada. Stay for a few days and then see the canyons and drive to California.


  • jaguarbass

    Hello LouBelle. I live on the East Coast Florida. It is flat with scrub brush. Probably like parts of Africa. I grew up in Cleveland, which is hilly and industrialized but Cleveland, Pittsburgh has interesting scenery and Houses and buildings.

    I have vacationed on the West Coast Skiiing. British Columbia in Canada was beautiful. Plus they have a jagged seacoast.

    I have never been to California, but my wife went a couple of months back and I see her pictures. It is a big long state with the Ocean and mountain, And you could even go up to British columbia from there.

    So my recommendation would be California. Never been there but have seen pictures.

  • greenhornet

    West coast for sure. Washington state has volcanoes and glaciers. I also had some friends of mine from South Africa visit they enjoyed it! We have trees so big you can "drive thru" You can see wales from the ferry, or take a drive to eastern part of the state were it is very dry. On the coast is a rain forest. Drive south and check out Oregon and California and Hollywood. Then on to Las Vegas Nevada. I can be your tour guide in Washington.

  • beksbks

    Ohhhh Lou Belle!! I don't envy you trying to make a decision, but what a lovely trip you will have!

    As far as cities in California, I can't help it, I'm partial to San Fran.

  • LouBelle

    Wow ! So much to see and do on both sides.

    Trip is just in baby baby stages and I'll probably spend a lot of time planning. I think I even have to do a special driving test because you guys drive on the left. That threw me in France.

    I am a sucker for the Grand Canyon & Yellowstone. Washington State sounds pretty good with it's volcanoes and glaciers... Would love to see the redwoods.

    I'm thinking perhaps a 5 week vaction - 3 weeks on the west coast and two on the east or visa versa. Time to haul out the map book check what each state has to offer - work out the finances - do a bit of saving.

    Momz - you are so on!!

    Kurt - you can take me up your mountain

    VoidEater - I've done a bit of Europe, but it's time to do the states.

  • Tired of the Hypocrisy
    Tired of the Hypocrisy

    Hi Lou,

    I would have to say that there are lots of things in all parts of the country to see and enjoy. Since you would be coming across the Atlantic, I would recommend starting on the East Coast. Start in Miami, then hit Maryland, DC, Pennsylvania, then wrap up the east Coast with NYC, since it is the crowning jewel of the Eastern Seaboard.

    Come west and stop in Chicago and see the Sears Tower and catch a cubs game and maybe the Field Museum and check out those Tsavo Maneaters they have on display. Head West and see Yellowstone.....from there I would recommend heading south and seeing Texas's Alamo near san Antonio. The come a little north and west and hit albuquerque and ride the Sandia Peak tramway tot he top of Sandia Peak, but do it at night. The city lights are awesome, and there are some very nice eateries and pubs 2 miles up.

    Come west and stop at The grand canyon! I adore Arizon. The desert is actually not as ugly as they say it is! You can even take a rafting expedition down the mighty Colorado river and look UP at the Grand Canyon. I think they even opened up this walk out over the canyon glass platform.

    From there stop in Vegas if you like nightlife.

    Then Come out to Los Angeles, San Diego (wife and I honeymooned there it is a beautiful city especially La Jolla) I would not recommend going to Tijuana, mexico, since it is getting more and more violent as time goes by. Drive up the Pacific Coast Highway and stop wherever you please and enjoy the views. I would recommend Pismo, Monterey, Carmel, Santa Cruz (My friend has a beach house there!!), I hate San Francisco, but the whole world goes there anyways! LOL Then up you go to Portland Oregon (The City O Roses), Seattle, go up north in Washington state and check out North Americas Rain Forest! Then shoot back down to Sacramento, CA, and check out the Capital, Old Town and the Old Paddle Wheel Ships on the Sacramento river and have dinner and take in a play on the boat. Sleep at teh Hyatt regency across from the capito it is great! (Wife and I honeymooned there so we know it is top of the line. Well for Sacramento anyway! LOL)

    After Sacramento, come see us in Fresno! We can take you to lunch or dinner at La Langosta. It is a not too fancy mexican seafood restaurant in Dinuba with the best food around. Then you can take a flight down to LA on Southwest or even better, take AMTRAK and then hop a plane for Miami or NYC for your leg home.......

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