America: East or West coast for travelling?

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  • LouBelle

    So let's just say I decided to visit America -oooh. It is a massive country and so so so many wonders to see from one end to the other and inbetween.

    If I were to travel - which coast would you suggest I begin my first journey. Or should I start in the middle and work my way out to an edge. I enjoy all sorts of things: dancing, sight seeing, the country side, art, history, enjoy the "out of the way" experience too.

    So where does one start - considering I'd only be able to spend one month visiting.

  • BurnTheShips

    With respect to the middle Americans, the middle is the worst place to start, it is the most boring, in my opinion.

    The East has more history, and a lot of natural beauty as well, it is where the nation began, it is where its greatest city is, and the seat of the national government, I would start there.

    But you will be here for a whole month! Do not ignore the West!


  • momzcrazy
    Do not ignore the West!

    I second that! There is huge variety in the West. I was raised around the Rocky Mountains, stunning!

    You could start in Seattle, WA. That is a very cool city. So is San Diego. There is also the Napa Valley, if you enjoy wine. You could do a wine tasting tour.

    I've heard San Antonio, TX is a very interesting city. Fun nightlife.

    If you come thru Nashville, Music City, USA, we could meet up and I'll take you out!


  • M.J.

    I've been to both. I would say that the east coast packs a lot more in per mile than the west.

    Europeans, however enjoy the West for the wide openness, the "wild west" thing, and the big contrast to their own continent. You have the high mountains, the deserts, southern California (a category unto itself), the giant redwoods, the temperate rain forest, etc. But lots of space in between.

    Depends on what you like I guess, and what you want to get out of it. If you're more after a cultural type of experience I'd go with the east coast. Lots of variety from Miami to New England. If you're more into the nature adventure thing, I'd go with the West Coast.

  • kurtbethel

    East coast, gentle rolling hills and mountains of Vermont, the Carolinas and Georgia. Cultural center is found in the sweep of Boston, NY, to DC.

    The middle is what we call "flyover country". The long Mississippi River cuts it in two.

    The west coast is majestic. Start in San Diego and its varied mountain-forest-desert backcounty all within an hour of driving. Then LA is a cultural anchor, with the central coast being a rural wine country. Then San Franciso is easily the most beautiful city you would ever see. Cross the Golden Gate bridge and you are in more wine country and the tallest trees on the planet in the redwoods. I was born there. You have hundreds of kilometers of isolated and often rugged coastline. Further north is Oregon, with timber covered mountains and a large farm valley. Then Washington state is next. It is like northern Oregon, with a broad swath of coastline to the west and towering snow covered volcanoes along the middle. Seattle has its own culture and music scene. Since you are on the west coast, don't stop now. Alaska awaits. It is about 20% larger in area than SA, with a population of barely over a half million. The sea life and wildlife is totally incredible.

    So, if you are choosing a coast to explore, choose wisely.

  • rekless

    If you are interested in the Civil War then the Eastern cities and battle grounds. THe cemetaries are great to visit and you can stil smell the blood on some of the battle grounds. South Dakota, MIssiouri, Oklahoma, Wyoming, Montanna is great if you are interested in the old cowboy history. Ca., Az.,new Mexico has old ghost towns that are converted to movie sets. In the hills of Nevada, there are old gold mine towns. Then you have the modern day Ca. and Nevada.

  • White Dove
    White Dove

    I like the west coast for sight seeing and also the Grand Canyon is amazing. That is a must see on a first trip.

  • Quirky1

    Te East (New York) & West (San Francisco) both have historic places. But to see the Grand Canyon, Painted Dessert and some of the great National Parks, Yosimite or Yellowstone are excellent eye candy. But actually it is what you are after. City, history, natural beauty, beaches or nite life. This will make a big difference on where you want to go.


  • daniel-p

    If you tour the east you will, in general, need less driving to see more. Out west, you'll drive a lot more. In the west things are spread farther apart and the geographical differences are more pronounced. Even within just California there is enormous variety, but its an enormous state. As far as their strengths, I would say that the West = natural beauty, while the East = historical richness. If you go out West to California, see the Sierras (Yosemite, Tahoe, Kings Canyon/Sequioa National Park, etc.), the redwoods up north (north of the Bay Area all the way to southern Oregon), and one of the coolest cities in the world: San Francisco.

  • lonelysheep

    That depends on what you want to do.

    Or should I start in the middle and work my way out to an edge.'re not missing anything. Go from one coast to another if anything.

    There are cities and natural elements on both sides, though I'm partial to the tremendous western beauty.

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