Am i being too harsh with my girlfriend?

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  • Hope4Others
    I have never met her kids, she has never met mine.

    Sorry I missed your answer to my question. I can only say how do you not know if they will even like you? Or your kids her? Blending any large family will be a difficult

    task, I sure hope you really, really like her to pursue this relationship further. Wish you the best!





    Nah! It is best to be harsh with women - they love it. I am an expert on the fairer sex.

    Drag her by her hair from that caravan in Wales and take her to your den. Then spend some quality time with her - alone.

    NB. Dressing up as a Gladiator will really get her going.


  • Nowman

    I met my second husband 8 years ago. I had 2 young kids, he did not have any. We only saw each other every other weekend, maybe a few weekday nights, it was hard because we BOTH wanted to see each other so bad. I too did not want him to meet my kids because the relationship was new. After 6 months, he told me he "wanted to meet my kids as soon as possible, and could it be this weekend"? I will never forget that, he truly wanted to meet my children, we BOTH had fallen in love, but we took our time (I was newly divorced).

    If she really wants to spend time with you, she will make time. If 2 people really want to be together, they BOTH make it work. I would get closure with her.


  • momzcrazy

    With both of you having kids, this is only the beginning of complicated. If you both want this, you will both make concessions.


  • sass_my_frass

    Face it, you're just not that into her.

  • Junction-Guy

    First you need to decide where you want to take this relationship.

    Then you need to start including the kids, it is not fair to them to be brushed aside. Start doing things together--all of you.

    If you are wanting more alone time, then you both are going to have to make concessions. Always consider the kids, don't leave them out.

  • yknot
    I can't help feeling at times that i would be better off single and back on the market so to speak.

    If your already 'checking-out' mentally.....emotionally is next.

    You have already made a decision. The only things keeping you would be finding a tactful goodbye, avoidance of being unattached, or laziness to get back onto the market.

    Don't be a tease, cut her loose and jump back into the sea.

  • Tired of the Hypocrisy
    Tired of the Hypocrisy

    Next time you see her devote a few hours to discuss the situationa nd speak freely and honestly. Your kids are literally in the middle of this if you decide to be serious. So find out if this is booty call or love call.

    Good luck!

  • LouBelle

    You both have kids - they are both part of your lives sooooo perhaps it's time that everyone met, I believe you should involve your kids just my humble opinion.

    Either that or you both have to make a compromise somewhere.

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