JW relatives....ughh

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  • flipper

    MILLIGAL- When we get married the deal is - we support our wife/husband first, last and always in regards to standing up to unjust treatment by other family members. I feel your husband needs to grow some balls and stand up to his mother ( your mother in law). My wife and I had to make a united stand and write letters to my intrusive JW family one month before we got married as there were nasty rumors flying about us from my ex-wife ( 10 years removed) , and by making that stand my witness mom and dad now treat us well, and respect us. My older ex-Gilead sister , and Bethel elder brother aren't that nice , but my folks are. You will find you win over some relatives- but some you won't. There is no rhyme or reason to it- just stand up on behalf of your husband , however he should do the same for you. Good luck, Peace out, Mr. Flipper

  • RollerDave

    I find that they can be absolutely GODLIKE at rationalization.

    In good standing and things go well = "You have Jehovah's Blessing!"
    In good standing and things go bad = "Satan is testing you"

    In The World and things go well = "Satan takes care of his own!"
    In The World and things go bad = "You've lost Jehovah's protection"

    Oddly enough, the only member of my family that treats me as if I were a human being instead of a stain on the floor is the wife of a PO.

    Although, after my mother went through a medical crisis recently and had to undergo surgery, they did make a full-court press attempt at wooing me back.

    All the while my mom lies there barely alive because of the blood policy.

    No thanks. Good on you for drawing that line, you know what's right and do it!



  • sass_my_frass

    My situation isn't very similar, but I can relate to the frustration of not knowing what to do about this kind of injustice. I can't stand it when my JW relatives whitewash the situation to the non-JWs. I have pretty much accepted that I've lost them all, and have taken the stance of being a solid concrete wall. I don't even hear it, don't respond to anything, and don't ever take the bait. They have slowly given up. I just completely ignore the elephant in the room.

  • momzcrazy

    First off, thanks for all the sacrifices your family is making for our country.

    You are absolutely correct in your reaction to your MIL. Sounds like they are toxic, and that should not be around your son. I'd let everything else roll off my back with an eye roll ie here we go again. But your kids shouldn't have to listen to them be like that.


  • sacolton

    Wolves in sheeps clothing ... boy, that sure does sum up JWs.

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