A Touching Heartfelt Experience at The ATM Machine!

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  • caliber

    A Touching Heartfelt Experience at The ATM Machine!

    It was a very touching experience that I had this last weekend at the ATM machine. It was about half an hour discussion but what follows is the highlights that I remember most vividly.

    It begins with a once a upon a time pioneer partner of my wife (H4O) coming in to the ATM.

    JW says....how are things going? (all teary eyed and most certainly sincere in her beliefs and concerns for me) Her conversation hinged on the nearness of the end and the need for encouragement from the brothers. Where will you go?

    Me.....Well first of all why do the witnesses change that scripture you just quoted from whom will you go to where will you go? It is changed from a person to a thing where, it is Christ to whom we should go for encouragement.

    She hedges and then says....

    Jw...We all need encouragement from the brothers ;who are your brothers?

    Me...I said just a minute, walked over to the window seen a man walking past and said do you see that man? He is

    my brother!!!

    JW says...Well you don't even know him, what if he is a homosexual?

    Me... My assignment from God is to love my brothers, lets leave the judgment up to God.

    JW...But he does not know Jehovah and honor his name.

    Me...Your mothers name is Jane, if I keep repeating her name over and over Jane Jane Jane is the honor you speak of? No I believe the honor the scriptures speak of would be to show her due respect and love in all you say and do.

    JW...(changing topic yet again) well we really miss you guys you know how terrible world conditions are and how near Armageddon is.

    Me...Armageddon may be near But not as near as 1975.

    (Again she is taken back and dumb founded)

    JW...Well we would sure like to see you back anyway.

    Me...We are happy in the place we are at right now.

    Just then a man who was using the ATM just around the corner, walks up to us and says " I was listening to your conversation and I say Amen to you my Brother! Have a nice day and walks out.

    Jw's eyes enlarged with amazement at this total stranger calling me brother.

    Me...See what happens if you just reach out in love to all?

    She then excuses herself wishing me all the best. I was amazed how this man walked into this picture and cemented the point I was making. This to me was a very touching and moving moment in my life.


  • snowbird

    That was a wonderful experience that gives lie to the WT's contention that JW's are a true brotherhood!

    I loved it.


  • GentlyFeral

    That's a beautiful little story. At the risk of hijacking this thread, I want to relay something that happened to me while it's fresh in my mind:

    I was out riding my bike this morning, squeezed the brakes too hard, and fell right over. Immediately, two strangers raced across the street to help me up, set my bike upright, and make sure I was okay.

    They really are everywhere.

    gently feral

  • Hope4Others

    It brings a warm satisfied feeling after getting your point across to a closed minded jw.


  • Dagney

    Wow, good job!

  • Bring_the_Light
    JW...Well we would sure like to see you back anyway.

    Chyah WAH!?!?!?! why all the effort put into kicking people out?

  • zensim

    Caliber: That is a beautiful story - I love synchronicity like that. I bet that guy is telling the same story also. I bet the JW isn't telling the story quite the same!

    GentlyFeral: They must have been Scientologists

  • JimmyPage

    Beautiful. We ARE all brothers. Couldn't have said it better.

  • Deidra

    Beautiful. I'm touched nearly everyday by people who show me love (not JWs).

  • BurnTheShips

    Wow, that was powerful.

    Thanks for sharing it with us Caliber.


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