What's Your View Of Jehovah's Witnesses As Individual Persons?

by minimus 41 Replies latest jw friends

  • Thechickennest

    In my opinion: It's not for us to judge any individuals. Having a "view" is too subjective and, reminds me of slipping backwards to the cult ways. The witnesses are set up and trained to evaluate, discriminate, judge everyone and everything on earth and in the whole universe. It makes me tired to think of all mental time spent making judgement calls about so many things. Among Jehovah's Witnesses there are many assholes and abusive people. There are just as many assholes and abusive people in the general population. I will say this-The governing body and the elders may have a pretty rough judgement day themselves if there is god and he is looking to hold someone accountable for all the peoples lives that have ruined or killed outright by the Watchtower. I have fond memories and much concern for many fine rank and file people who are stuck on the Watchtower merry go round. If I could save them all I would.

  • rache31

    Like most people commented, it depends on the person and circumstances. I was brought up by two witness parents, father an elder from before I was born. He was a great parent but my mother was always looney. The religion just brought out more of her crazy, controlling characteristics. I am grateful for their determination in raising my siblings and I in the safest manner possible for them. Fortunately I didn't suffer any physical or sexual abuse as some I knew(in and out of the JW org) But the way it messed me up in the head is not to say that witness families are the best environment. Some of the friendships I made from the hall were with young pioneer girls like me and the worst backstabbers and cheap tricks. At the same time I had friends at work who I could better trust with my secrets and my man! Okay I'm not going to ramble on about this but it happens!

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