What's Your View Of Jehovah's Witnesses As Individual Persons?

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  • undercover
    Many of the youths were good little Dubbies at home but once out, they let loose, big time!

    When I got old enough to drive and go hang out associate with other JW youth, I found out just how naive I was, thinking that all JW youth were on the straight and narrow. All this time I had avoided 'bad association' at school and elsewhere only to find my own peer group was as bad, if not worse, than the people I had avoided for so long.

    Of course it didn't take long for me to join in on some of the 'fun' though I never did stoop to the depths of depravity that a lot JWs my age group had. And some of them are elders and pioneers today...go figure.

  • WTWizard

    Workers? Hell, no. This is what one witless was like--lazy. He would do just the bare minimum for the company, and would always need time off for the boasting sessions. He would waste more time arguing about some trivial point from the Filthful and Disgraceful Slavebugger. He spent more time drinking coffee than actually working.

    Another was a total tyrant. He would expect people to do the job perfectly, and follow the procedures exactly. He had zero tolerance about grumbling about him, even when such was justified--often threatening to rat them out to the hounders. He also was intolerant of my missing boasting sessions, made the girls hate me at work, and continually argued about what the Filthful and Disgraceful Slavebugger's view was on trivial matters.

    Still another would often sleep on the job. His idea of work was watching wax dry. He got fired for sleeping on the clock, and blamed his incident of "working off the clock" (sweeping a broken glass mess on his lunch). I have also seen him stealing bulk candy, in the name of "sampling". I wish he would have been caught doing that.

    Yet another was very lazy when it came to taking directions. He would spend more time looking around, without even having an item to compare with where it was kept, than working. He walked out when the department manager (in his department, a worldly person) "cocked an attitude" (I wonder why.)

    And finally, one turned apostate.

  • lnunya

    They are not the best parents, the best children, the best workers or the most moral. They are simply one of the most delusional groups around. Makes life more palatable and reinforces the 'us versus them' mentality.

  • heathen

    I've known allot of them and can say their view of themselves is very exaggerated , they do have problems with child molestations , stealing , lying ,adultery and just being all around dooshes that they claim to hate in the world .

  • Rebirth

    Do you think they make the best parents?

    How can that be when you force your child to become a clone? That has been proven over and over again to be the kiss of death.

    The best children?

    In whose eyes? To the JW parents I'm sure they are tickled pink when their child obeys. Of course, fear is not a motivator I want for my children.

    The best workers?

    JWs are all about obeying rules and using superficial methods to convert more people. What happens when the door is closed is a whole 'nother situation. If they will get praise or credit from their fellow JWs (via doing good things at work and getting praise from their bosses) then absolutely.

    The most moral?

    Morals, based on whose value system? JWs or conservative Christians? Sure, it is again, all about what others see.

  • CandleLight

    They are a group who claims to be "above" the world in their standards.

    Sadly we all can see that is a lie. As individuals, we cannot say they are any more moral or honest than another person. I know some less and more moral persons of all religions.

    Their association with the JW religion does not affect them as individuals. It is a washing of the outside of the cup, while the inside can remain filthy. This type of "works based" religion lends itself to harbor very immoral, dishonest, and decietful persons, who can hide behind a front of purity. The rules and standards they submit too, do not make them better persons. If it worked that way, then Jesus would not have called the Pharasis "off-spring of Vipers".

    I love many of the Wittnesses I knew. They were some great people, who if ever freed from their chains could fully bloom. I also have known some of the most depraved, who are still lurking in that black hole organization.

    May the good be sifted soon.



  • minimus


  • stillajwexelder

    Do you think they make the best parents? -NO

    The best children? NO

    The best workers? Sometimes -

    The most moral? Sometimes

    Witnesses say they are the best families, the hardest workers, the most honest, moral people, etc....Do you think they excel in any of these areas??? NO

  • odie67

    i can only speak for myself and as a JW i was soooo disfunctional. I'm trying really hard to balance my thinking. I never knew how narrow minded and judgemental I was until I started associating with normal people. Now whenever I talk to a JW relative, it's like fingernails on a chalk board.

    I think that JW parents stunt the mental growth of their children.

  • Bring_the_Light
    And some of them are elders and pioneers today...go figure.

    My realization that JW's are the most skilled and profound LIARS that I knew of (to say 'hypocrite' doesn't quite capture the issue) and that I can't be like that is what clinched the deal for me.

    The really successful JW's lie all the way to the soul, and view the Christian congregation as a microcosm where they can be king, and they are not pathetic people incapable of living in the real world. I know for a fact that the majority of my peers who are now faithful pioneers, elders, ie "still in" do not "actually" believe "the truth". They are just so pathetic, its the world they choose to stay in.

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