Where I have been!

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  • changeling

    Wow! What a nightmare! I'm so sorry.


  • wanderlustguy

    It takes a special kind of screwed up person to operate like that, spineless, weak, slithering around the nooks and crannies afraid to face anything. Usually people like that use others, attach to them for motives they don't even realize because they fear anything that requires introspection. Granted, there may be circumstances in thier history that "excuse" their behavior in their own tiny insecure minds...not that they even know it, imagining from a defense attorney's perpective that's grasping for a reason to let the client off.

    I really hate to hear what you are going through, you know I'm having a really tough time myself, but nothing like this. You are empowering yourself every day, there's nothing wrong with isolating yourself a bit if in doubt about what to do or who to trust. I do it when I have to focus at a high level because I'm making mistakes and have to stop everything for a minute to see what's wrong.

    This stuff hits home with me because I have known a few people like this, makes me want to be a hermit, not because I'm afraid of them, but because I don't want to give someone like that a moment of my time or effort. I try to think of something noble to say about them like maybe they can't help it, etc, but the truth sometimes isn't nice or PC or noble. These folks are right there with pedos in my book, there should be an island just for these guys/girls where they can enjoy the company of thier own kind...in every aspect.

    Take care of you, sparky.


  • restrangled

    Sparkplug! Its good to see your name again. So sorry you are under this terrible invasion of your family's privacy.

    I believe everything you say, and don't doubt for a minute you are being watched through your computers.....but just two things I want to caution you about.

    The cable company employees are just that, poorly paid employees that will tell you anything to deflect problems if the company is not doing their job and the other is that the Geek squad is about the worst place you can take your computer.

    One of my sons worked for both companies...He was a qeek squad employee and a cable employee handling computer problems. He was so disgusted with the level of service and lack of knowledge by everyone there he quit both jobs. He presently works for Sprint handling their computer problems world wide.

    I so wish you lived near us. I would have him clean up and install what you need.

    My husband does not connect his business computer to the Internet and keeps two back ups at all times. We have our own Server, (I think that is the right term)....but I find it scary. I have looked up our IP address and it gives our street address with a map on an IP search site.

    I know its heavily guarded but you just never know..... Also one of the reasons I have two Dobermans!

    Take care, and hope things get straightened out!


  • Nosferatu

    - "Ubuntu Linux."

    AGREED 100%

    Sparky, I'm so sorry you had to go through with this. I know about the keyloggers, the spyware, the trojans, and people taking over the computer (I fix all these problems for people). The Windows world has gone to shit. My cousins had their computer full of spyware and garbage which I had to remove every month or so. My cousins paid to have their computer 'fixed' by someone else. They were extremely unhappy about this because they couldn't do anything on it, it was so locked down. When I came over to their place on the next visit, I moved them to Ubuntu Linux and they were happy as hell. Everything works faster, and you don't have to worry about infection! There are NO ACTIVE VIRUSES IN THE WILD that will infect Linux machines.

    I can't tell you how secure I feel doing my online banking and purchases in Linux because KEYLOGGERS, SPYWARE, AND TROJANS DON'T WORK IN LINUX (unless you make an effort to install them yourself, and it REALLY is an effort!)

    I know you do work with photos, and there is some decent photo editing software for Linux (The Gimp). Google is funding the Wine project to get Adobe Photoshop working under Linux, so it really shouldn't be too long before it's available as an option as well.

    The best part about Ubuntu Linux ..... IT'S FREE! If you don't want to install it yourself, you could probably pay someone to install it for you, or you could buy a PC from Dell with it pre-installed.

    I REALLY think you should consider this as an option. Oh yeah, and if you want to try before you install, just download and burn the CD image, boot off the CD, and you can try it out with no commitments.

  • John Doe
    John Doe

    I downloaded and tried Ubuntu for a couple of days. I was not impressed.

  • jaguarbass

    Sorry to hear about your problems, sparkplug.

    I hope there are better days ahead for you.

  • Tired of the Hypocrisy
    Tired of the Hypocrisy

    Somebody needs to put a hit on that puto!

  • Nosferatu

    - "I downloaded and tried Ubuntu for a couple of days. I was not impressed."

    Then try a different flavor of Linux. May I suggest PCLinuxOS? Unlike Ubuntu, everything works out of the box and I almost switched to it because it's incredibly user friendly. IMO, the only thing Ubuntu REALLY has going for it is good support. Otherwise, I wouldn't be using it.

    It's like buying a car. If you take a test drive and don't like the car, you don't give up on driving altogether. You test drive a different car!

  • Mary
    None of this helps if they come in your home and load it right on your machine because they were close to your family once.

    So you know who this person is who's pulling this crap? Um.....if that were me, I'd take the simplest and most direct route: They'd get one warning and then they'd find their tires mysteriously slashed and possibly every bone in their body broken.

    If that doesn't appeal to you, you may consider getting rid of your computer altogether for a few months..........

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