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  • Sparkplug

    I have been off the net. WHY?

    The evil net...lol

    Actually because I have a psycopathic hacker that will not stop. This person has driven me near insane. Cost me a pretty penny in ways you would not believe and still will not quit.

    So far I have had to deal with Keystrokeloggers, Remote monitoring, remote controlling and startup, all of my photos being copied by this person off of my machine and that is not a good thing at all. All of my passwords and accounts and contactlist being taken. My Router being hacked Extra Networks being made, Extra additions to my network being added, trackers being put onto my machine such as Timbuck2pro2000 and familyspyware, spyware programs of various types and all kinds of nosey ass shit. I get it all cleaned and I contact the police, the cable company, clean my comuter, buy a new computer, change my router, reset my IP do all I should etc...

    I have changed Bank accounts, changed my name until it was found out, so I told the whole damn world. Thought of moving to Belize and was going until, I realized the freaking hacker already knew where I was going...because of having looked it up monthes prior on the computer. So I am so tired. and Whoever is doing this is a f*cking sick no life loser who can't make it in the real world without cheating and using backhanded ways to get inside information about people. A very sick mind.

    leave town and 2 hours after I take offf, more stuff is put onto my home computer so thus, my laptop is now hacked too. So my home computer is lying in bits. ,my laptop is about to get taken to the geek squad and I will not be logging on with my computer again. I have to feed my family and that includes working on my computer. so I will not be logging on with this one again after this I don't believe.

    I have and will miss you all for a while more and maybe for a very long time. I am just really freaking tired and want this to stop. So you all, trust NOBODY, even if you scan your computer and it comes up clean...it is not always. there is crap in there you would not believe. I have sat here and watched as someone loggs on, and then looked at task manager and noticed how many items are running and then looked at how many are running for ALL user and the number is way different. Then looked at what is running...Wowo oh wow, when you start to look up the names, there are all kinds of things I never ordered on there. Then to top it all off, the number for all users all of the sudden will drop down to what it was for one user.

    The Security system I use will actually log who remoted in and what was added to my computer and what IP address. I have copied it all down manually. and what a freaking trip...all other logs are there, even the ones I blocked were there...for a day or so, but suddenly, they were erased. All the other loggs from the days are there, but those ones that had full IP addressses and suck...well they were individually removed from my security system.

    SO...when you think you are going nuts...sometimes you are not.

    Sometimes other people are really that sick. And really will go to such lengths as to come into your home and load this crap onto your computer time and again just to see what you are doing. And yes the Cable company said some of the programs have to be loaded straight to your computer due to the nature of them. at least the first time. At least on the hard desktop. I am sure once the person was in it was a hop skip and a jump to the laptop.

    For the hell of it some has cost me a lot of freaking money and yet today I spend more to fix it yet again. And today they cost me more. Communication with friends. But I am not afraid to tell you all anymore. Because you know what...I did not do this.I am not the sick f*ck. You know I have tried everything from not caring they watched to trying to clean them out to waiting till a friend of mine who is a hacker has a moment to come can come and clean it out....but I give...I am going to go get it cleaned. I have wiped my other one drive...and have lost all my writings on my first and main computer which I have cried about for many a day now..........

    and I will start fresh with this one.....

    I am sick of this shit.

    I give,

    I am so tired...

    I want my life back and moreso I want my kids life back. See it is not just my life that has been hacked it is my kids. My teenage girl was going down the tubes for a bit there and this person just watched. Sat back and watched. I can't believe a person would do that. First off watch a kid like that and second watch and not help. That is the biggest breach of trust right there. If we wanted mind reading we would have it in the constitution. We have not signed off on it yet and I think it goes too far when we break in and read kids stuff like diaries and letters, email and notes. It makes us pretty low. What about letting them grow and be individuals.

    My daughter started having major problems and she let me know now that part of it was because she realized how creepy it was that if the computer was hacked...that her stuff was hacked too and that meant that someone was up in her personal stuff too. that is pretty perverted to watch a teenage girl anywhich way you look at it. And one wonders why whe was loosing it.

    And I will jack someone up if they f* with my family now. I have no qualms about it. I am sure I was picked because of all of the nice and mousy behavior I display. I was told by someone I was the worlds doormat and I actually took it., What an abusive fucktard to say that. But I thank that ass for it because I needed that lesson. I needed it to see what kind of garbage I had surrounded myself with and also what people like that saw me as and that was prey. Something they could manipulate and jack with. So it is not easy changing ones nature to be cold and distant and on ones guard...but I am learning and yes it sucks....

    But it comes a bit natural when someone f*s with your kids and you.

    You know I even checked myself in to a mental center because between this and work I was not doing so swell. I thought it was all work. And as I spent days there in counseling thinking I would work on PTSD while I was there and ending up only working on family matters while I was there...they thought I was hypervigilant when I first went in and by the time I left, they had recommended that if this hacking stuff did not end that I had a serious problem on my hands and might be in danger. My counselor still checks on me and is cool as hell. Yes hypervigilant, but with cause. So it is almost 6 months later since I really started noticing this and taking steps to get this fixed and well, it comes to this. No net. So if you want, call if you have the number. I may log in here and there from the library or such to email or here, and I will see you around.

    Thats all.

    Love Sparkplug

  • greendawn

    Don't you have a firewall? If necessary two firewalls a software one in the PC plus a hardware one, a router with firewall protection. I am pretty sure that would stop the hackers by hiding your ports and inhibiting any changes they try to make.

    Also have a good antivirus and antispyware to stop keyloggers and trojans used by hackers to gather info/gain access. If necessary change ISP.

    Finally have two PCs one of which will be always off line and contain all sensitive info. PCs today are quite cheap.

  • Sparkplug

    YEs to all of the above. None of this helps if they come in your home and load it right on your machine because they were close to your family once. And that causes problems. We have A security system too, but my kids are young and do not always set it and then again making sure at first that they took it serious, You know people take you as crazy when your behavior changes when you start talking about this crap.

    I think that is the point of stalking. To make one go mad.

    Then it narrow down who you trust. Hell this person may even have a key or a pick. I changed the locks twice, but not knowing for sure who it is, I still have to change them again. I have a set of locks again to change sitting on the dining table...but they don't fit and well hell, I am moving soon, turning off cable today.... and this house is being torn down....so It wont matter anyways., So yes to all of the above and yes. So now...I trust nobody.

  • david_10

    Crimony! That's just incredible that someone would go to all the trouble to terrorize you like this. And for what? Just for the fun of it, I guess. There are some sick bastards in this world, and you've been unfortunate enough to cross paths with one of them. Any idea who it is? If someone actually had to physically load some programs into your computer, then that should narrow it down considerably. I hate to say it, but it's probably one of your kids' friends. I hate to say it (again), but I don't hold out a lot of hope for a legal resolution to this. Good luck----------------I hope you can straighten it out.


  • lisavegas420

    Sooo..this was a friend or former friend?

    Sorry, sounds horrible. Wonder what they want...just to mess with you?

    Maybe they don't have any business of their own...that's why they need to be all up in yours.


  • Sparkplug

    Let me corrrect that Greendawn, at first I had a firewall, and it was turned off on me. I had Avg and was fine for a long time. Then One care was put in, Norton then that was worked around so I uninstalled and reinstalled and again it has been worked around so...................Belkin and Whatnot and Ghostall of the freaking spyware cleaners and such and well, I don't think this is anything that is not happening to other people out there...in fact I know it is happening to some other girls I know, they are just too scared to say it, and they have ran things to clean it out, and perhaps thy have gotten it, me I am not so sure and seeing it has been a living hell, I am afraid for them.

    Hell the person who installed it on one gals told others and bragged at having passcoded to all her accounts.

    So girls careful who you have over, don't even let anyone check thier email on your computer or this board even...heck you walk out of the room and it is as easy as that. You are hacked. You come back and they just close the page and you will never know. And the privacy factor is over. They can follow you for years even from other countries.

    Hell, you wonder why that new man you met is all you ever wanted...it could be because he know everything about you...even what color bathtub you looked at last night when you were browsing the online catalog.

    Or if you have a phone that saves your numbers for contacts online. that guy now has all of your friends contacts insurance and everything...think about it numbers. Everything. Your screwed. Do you see? That is what I have been dealing with. A complete invation of privacy.

  • greendawn

    It's a strange case, someone comes in furtively when you are out and directly rather than remotely sets up your PC to bypass all security for subsequent remote intrusion and hacking. Never heard of this before and sounds overwrought to me but it may be the case. Could you not have done something to disable the PC from starting or secure it with passwords that only you and your kids know?

    Hope your new place will be safe from such activities.

  • Eyes Open
  • Sparkplug

    "I hate to say it, but it's probably one of your kids' friends. I hate to say it (again), but I don't hold out a lot of hope for a legal resolution to this. "

    I really wish it were as simple as one of my kids friends. Legal resolution is slow and I have nothing but time. I have no qualms about pursuing it to the end at this point. It has goneI am Just sick of it. It has not been malicious as far as taking account money and such, but money has been taken in that I have had to spend trying to clear out the computer, buy a new computer , hire people, pay for lost programs, upgrade, time, mental health, stress factor, and my work. I for a bit was really depressed and stressed and was convinced that it was only in my mind till on my machine was found at least 5 programs. Hard tangable proof. I have the drive locked up and removed from this site, and it is broke beyond all repair, and to be turned over to be traced that is for damn sure.

    I do not care the cost. If the police are going to sit on it...then I will pay for it to be traced to the end, then take it to them. I am tired of this.

    The toll it has taken on my family is unrepayable.

  • Sparkplug

    "It's a strange case, someone comes in furtively when you are out and directly rather than remotely sets up your PC to bypass all security for subsequent remote intrusion and hacking. Never heard of this before and sounds overwrought to me but it may be the case. Could you not have done something to disable the PC from starting or secure it with passwords that only you and your kids know? "

    Greendawn If I were a computer guru I am sure I could have. They may have set it up remotely. I am just repeating what the cable company said. They said because they use a dynamic IP that it changes and since I have reset it that by reseting it and the router and having done this and having installed Norton on the computer fressh...that the perspon would have had to put it onto the computer straight.

    I have changed the passcode, and have done all I thought I should do, but no matter what the hell I do, it keeps getting worked around and I am going freaking insane. So I am just getting off the net. I am taking this new laptop to the geek squad, and have locked up the main drive so that it can be traced at a later date, wiped the 2nd drive to the first computer after retrieveing my photos and well...thats all I have so far.

    It is the best I could come up with. I am sure they will have more help when I get there. I won't have the same cable company and I have a security company setting up at my new home.

    If you have any other Ideas, I would love them.

    Edited to add...I read what I wrote and I sure sounded smart assed. I did not mean it that way. I truly meant that I don't have a freaking clue and would love your help. I have read your notes from way back and know you are good. actually most excellent. I just truly know this person has the upper hand and has been doing this a lot longer than I have and goes to great lengths to hide that "this person" does this. And foes to great lengths to make people like me look stupid for saying all this happens. So maybe I was being a bit smart, I guess I was a bit ters when I saw your comment on "overwrought but may be the case." At this pont in this, you can be assured this is the last thing I want to hear and probably the first thing I expect to hear. I should be used to it by now...but one does not really get used to it. It just starts to suck more and more each day.

    It really is scary as shit if you think about it to think that this person is so much more the nutcase than they are making you look that they can even come up with this stuff and carry out to this lenght this stuff. It really is crazy that anyone has this kind of time and energy to waste doing this crap. It is scary that they can be so obsessive to stalk like this. It is scary. Fooking creepy really. Warped.

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