Blondie's Comments You Will Not Hear at the 05-04-08 WT Study (MARRIAGE)

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  • Pistoff

    Wow, I can't tell if the if the WT is getting much worse, or I am just more sensitive to it.

    Note that when they are putting forward something they feel strongly about, they emphasize that they are the slave, the FDS, and that if we resist it, we may be resisting Jehovah.

    When they realize that they have to retract, how is that manna from Jehovah described? As a mistake? That they overstepped their bounds?

    NO; here is how it looks:

    In the past **some comments have appeared in this magazine** in connection with certain unusual sex practices, such as oral sex, within marriage and these were equated with gross sexual immorality.

    (Some comments??? Not divine guidance??)

    Or this:

    The Watchtower included all disappointed ones of Jehovah’s Witnesses, hence including **persons having to do with the publication of the information** that contributed to the buildup of hopes centered on that date.

    So when the information just has to be dealt with due it being completely wrong (1975) or head-smackingly stupid (rules about intimate behavior), it is just "comments" or "publication of the information."
    It no longer is light from Jehovah, or divine guidance.

    This is comical:

    14 Husband and wife need to be open with each other and realize that a **lack of tenderness in intimate relations can lead to problems**. (Read Philippians 2:3, 4; compare Matthew 7:12.) This has proved true in some religiously divided families. Even if differences exist, the Christian can usually improve matters by good conduct, kindness, and cooperation. (Read 1 Peter 3: 1, 2. ) Love for Jehovah and for one's mate, combined with a yielding spirit, will help in this aspect of marriage.

    Whatever are they talking about? Lack of sex, rough sex, rape???? Do they mean lack of intimacy? How specifically does love for Jehovah help someone with intimacy issues with your mate?

    These writers are in so far over their heads.


    Speak english, please, WT.


    Divorce seems to be frequent in the WTS. I can remember in one congregation 5 couples were separated. I could look around the last congregation I was in and see 15 couples that had divorced as jws and remarried. Since I have left you can add 15 more to that. What do think is contributing to so many unhappy marriages in the land of the happiest people on earth? Do you think the status of women in the Christian congregation was an improve over the Jewish model: Prisca, Dorcas, Mary, Martha, Phoebe, etc.? Why use an OT scripture then?

    The WTS imply that by marrying a dedicated, baptized fellow worshipper,having great sex,spending time so that they can pursue spiritual and other activities together,family study, praying together,and respecting each other is the way to ''FIND JOY IN YOUR MARRIAGE''.

    How many teen Jehovah's Witnessess have you seen get married because of raging hormones and a couple of years later are divorced? How many of these divorces are due to not dating different people? How many commit adultery because they had only one partner through-out their entire life?

    In my congregation there have been 5 teen marriages that ended up in divorce because of adultery. These couples were all dedicated worshippers. Where was the 3'rd cord that they always talked about?

    The Witnesses are no different than the rest of the world when it comes to marriage and divorce.They just hide their troubles better.


  • DaCheech

    in my congo there are so many divorced, and separated.

    3 of my close friends are divorced due to spouse immorality.

    and right now as we speak 2 more marriages are on the brink in my congo........ yes couples married between 1 and 9 years.

    i had a talk with my jw friend from another congo. and he would not admit to this until i mentioned all these by name.

    they are all watchtower dummies/slaves and in order to reason with them you gotta sqeeze it out of them

  • hamsterbait

    Blondie - How interesting that the Insight Books have changed the comment on Marriage!

    In the Aid book it was:

    "Marriage was the normal way of life among the Hebrews. Any exception required explanation."( No corroborating scripture.)

    The Insight book came out after the new Training School where brothers have to promise not to marry for at least two years after they graduate. (or had to when it started.Jesus never married, nor paul.

    The recent magazines on Child Protection have so extensively demonized single men, it is probably best not to encourage the sheeple to start asking "why aren't you married? Are you Homosexual?" (as happened to a friend of mine when he visited NY Bethel at the age of 27.)

    back to the study!!


    it's a good one Love!!

    Q: What will happen to those who divorced a husband for "gross immorality" (ie oral, anal contacts in the marriage bed) who then REMARRIED - as it turns out now on NOnSCRIPTURAL grounds?? Will they be judged as adulteresses??

    Will the DF husband be reinstated without going through the usual humiliation at the kingdumb Hell??

    Q: Has the WT changed its view on what the elders will do if they find out a couple are copulating whilst the wife is having her period??

  • hamsterbait

    Ontheway -

    You mention the Demon angels taking women.

    I also remember a witchtower in the 70s saying how the Demons were particularly interested in sexual perversions - examples were given of how a boy (15) after smoking pot started hearing voices and became rampantly homosexual. It was implied that the Demons love such ghoulish perverted sex emotions.

    Don't tell me they didn't try it on with their demon buddies. (What is the prostate for??) And don't tell me that some didn't materialize as females.

    later WT have talked about the incubus and succubus, as spriits that want to recapture their physicality before the flood.

    A big digression - but Leo did a great thread on this.

    PS is your avatar taken from the Disney cartoon "Flowers and Trees" a two tone color cartoon, including a forest fire??


  • hamsterbait

    Pistoff YES YES YES!!

    I have seen it so often the WEASEL distancing from a teaching in the magazines.

    "Some have said that..." yeah the Gibbering Buddy did...

    "The pages of this Magazine have said..." Yeah the Gibbering Buddy said...

    The WT litterature has repeatedly PROVED X, Y, Z. (until it don't suit)

    Sadly the Witchtower Babble and Trash society is proving more and more things but failing to convince ANYBODY.


    This "passive voice" is mentioned in Wikepedia as an example of "Weazel Words" q.v..

  • bronzefist

    Thanks Blondie...great review. This one hits home.

    After my second marriage in the "truth" failed because I wouldn't throw my son out of the house ( he chose to listen to "unapproved" music). I refused to "throw him out" even under pressure from the elders and CO. Came back to my "home congregation" and was told to go elsewhere they had enough problems with seperations and divorces. It was a "We can't tell you to go...................but..." conversation. This was in 1998.


  • jehovahsheep


    i was unfaithful to my wife.i was dfd and divorced.i probably would have done it sooner if i didnt have a bible trained conscience.what im trying to say is that the wts did not induce me to commit adultry because of their rigidness.why do we need to dwell on the wts-why cant we just forget them and move on and fufill whatever we want to do in life?

  • Billy the Ex-Bethelite
    Billy the Ex-Bethelite

    I listened carefully in the 80s to the counsel to remain single and pursue spiritual goals because the end was so close. In fact, the generation of 1914 was in their last years, so the preaching and separating of the sheep and goats was much more urgent than education, career, marriage, family, financial planning, etc.

    Wrong, wrong, and wrong. So now, here I am at JWD. From what I've seen in the congregation, I'm better off single... than unhappily married to a JW.

    B the X

  • BluesBrother

    I always hated Marriage talks and studies..So did the congo. When we did that awful "Family Happiness" group study, it was hell. I know enough about dubs to know that a long marriage is not always a happy marriage..They just feel it will get better in the New World. Despite that I do know of many happy couples, but that is true of anywhere.

    Par 1] "Our heavenly Father knows what is good for us" - Uh oh! that is saying "Obey what WE say or else...nobody else can interpret Gods writings.

    Par 2] Gen 2.18 " I am going to make a helper for him as a complement of him"

    Interesting that other translations do not say that.

    I guess the thought is the same, but it seems to me that the NWT has added a bit...


    —Synonyms 12 . Complement, supplement both mean to make additions to something. To complement is to provide something felt to be lacking or needed; it is often applied to putting together two things, each of which supplies what is lacking in the other, to make a complete whole:

    The rest of the article was a big turnoff with anecdotal stories of happy couples, Well, Bully for them!

    p 17] "But what if you entered into a marriage unwisely?" The answer is to say "tough" It reminds readers they are "bonded"

    happy days

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