What are your fears?

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  • Bumble Bee
    Bumble Bee

    I remember growing up we were told not to voice our fears outloud, lest Satan hear them and use it against us during the GT. I was afraid of sooooo many things, but could never feel like I could talk about my fears - there was no way I was going to let Satan hear them and maybe put me in a pit with snakes and spiders (fear of snakes goes back to pretty much my earliest memory).

    As a result I grew up pretending I wasn't afraid of anything, that I was the strong one, which is sooooo far from the truth! lol I have learned that I am stronger than I thought I was, but there is a part of me that just once would love someone else to deal with the fears and tell me it's all going to be ok.

    There are alot of things I'm afraid of, snakes being one. We lived out in the country, surrounded by bush. I loved exploring the area as a young girl, I was about three years old, put my kitty in my doll buggy, put on my fav red rubber boots and went for a walk. It was either spring or fall by the weather, and I came upon a big mass of snakes all rolling in a big ball! I screamed and ran back home, my big sister was there and she thought I'd been bit by snakes the way I was carrying on lol. That really is my first memory. I still don't like snakes, but I have forced myself to handle them. The largest was a 3' ball python. It really wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. I'll never have one as a pet, and still let out the odd scream when I see them outside, but know I could pick it up if I had to.

    Falling down the stairs is another fear. I'm not sure where I got this from, maybe watching someone fall and die in a movie or something when I was young. This one still freaks me out - and I hate anything on the stairs that I could trip over. If I stumble on the stairs my mind immediately shows me a picture of me all twisted at the bottom of the stairs. Not sure how to get over this fear.

    Fear of death and abandonment. My mother died when I was three, and I had terrible seperation anxiety as a child (didn't know what it was back then, before "labels"). I would worry when my grandparents left after visiting that I'd never see them alive again. I no longer fear death, because I do believe that I will see the ones I've lost in death again (where/how I don't know, but I have a strong feeling that I will). Abandonment is a whole other issue that I think I'll need some professional help with.

    What are your fears? Have you overcome any of them and how?


  • Crumpet

    Falling down stairs is one of mine too - but its a rational one as I regularly do fall down steps and stairs.

    I also fear ice and snow for the same reason, so am going to walk super carefully today.

  • journey-on

    Spiders! Expecially black widows, brown recluse, and those big hairy ones. (Now I just KNOW the demonz

    are going to torture me with this information about me....probably put me in a locked room with spiders of all

    kinds crawling everywhere, falling on my head from the ceiling, or scampering up my pants while I scream

    "Jehovah, Jehovah!"

  • megaflower

    my dumba$$ neighbor who does not like to mind his business. A real creep. He even enjoys poisoning my garden and english ivy ground cover. As a witness we were taught to be mild and keep turning the other cheek. Well, Iam not a witness anymore!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • brinjen

    Snakes, yep terrified of those, not too keen on spiders either. I'm OK with stairs, but when theres a slope anymore than a foot high I get nervous. Even if I did fall, I'd be unlikely to injure myself it's so small but there you go. Not too good with heights either.

  • momzcrazy

    Losing my children. I would go insane if I lost one, even though I would have others to care for.

    If my decisions are right or wrong.

    Becoming my parents.

    Heights, horribly.

    Snakes, had one on my front porch last summer. It was about 4 feet long. I killed it with a shovel, but had to ask a neighbor boy to put it in the field. I felt like I was going to vomit.

    I hate watching my son go down the stairs. I always think he'll fall.

    Geez, good thing I'm in therapy!


  • Mr. Majestic
    Mr. Majestic

    Axe wielding psychopaths,

    Mother in-laws,

    Being trapped in a tight cave, laying face down, with water slowly rising,

  • dinah

    BB, I have so many phobias it would make a great case study.

    Bees, snakes, spiders, heights, most of all not being in control. Bees have made me run around parking lots like a spastic, one almost made me wreck my buddy's Z. Good thing it was a 5-speed, 'cos a bee came in and I bailed.

    Of course, I heard to never let Satan hear what you are afraid of because he will use it against you. What a load of crap!

    My cousin dropped a 4 foot boa around my neck one day. It almost gave me a heart attack. He says just be still and stay calm. I said several choice words describing how quickly he'd better get that creature off me. He was heavy, too (the snake, not my cuz).

    If I listed everything I'm afraid of, it would take too long. But of course, death is high on the list as well.

  • Awakened at Gilead
    Awakened at Gilead

    I'm scared of Canadian Bumble Bees....

    As a JW I was scared of death, now I'm deciding to enjoy life and not worry about it.

    [email protected]

  • Casper
    we were told not to voice our fears outloud, lest Satan hear them and use it against us during the GT. I was afraid of sooooo many things, but could never feel like I could talk about my fears - there was no way I was going to let Satan hear them

    Hi BB,

    If there is one thing I really took to heart, from my time as a witness, it was the above statement.

    I still have that "fear" today. I can't seem to shake it...I know it's irrational and makes no sense.

    So, I keep my fears bottled up way too much.


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