What are your fears?

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  • IP_SEC

    Scary movies. Makes me sleep wit the lights on

  • sweetface2233

    Apparently, I have had a subconscious fear of being hurt and betrayed, again. I've been unknowingly pushing away male friends and sabotaging friendships w/ them when I feel that any interest (theirs or mine) has crossed over a comfortable line. Luckily, I haven't been able to push a few too far from me. They are kind and patient and call me out on my shit when I am feeling too pressured. I am grateful for that.

    Oh, and falling down and knocking out one of my fronth teeth. My birth certificate says WV, but I don't need to look like it...tee hee.

  • wings

    my mother

    my daughter

    my son

    (those in my life with mental illness not controlled well by drugs)

    Oh, and being stuck in a Freddy Krueger dream.....

  • journey-on

    Kook-Aid being served at the next assembly my sister and family members attend.

  • Twitch

    Doing to others what was done to me

  • llbh

    Not listening to my intuition. This sounds odd i know but i do find that i have fared so much better when i do.. Now i have left the WTS i trust it more. When i do not the results are usually unhappiness. Therefore i would rather have taken the risks and trials than not to have tried

    I am not a great lover of heights though i love air travel and clean windows - go figure, i can't

    Regards David

  • Bumble Bee
    Bumble Bee

    Crumpet - hope you made it through your day without falling.

    JO - ha ha ha, glad to see I'm not the only one with those unrational fears lol Thanks.

    megaflower - I'm a gardener as well, I wouldn't take too kindly to a neighbour messin with my plants/garden!

    brin - you are living in the wrong part of the world to have a fear of snakes and spiders lol

    momz - I find it hard to belive you are scared of snakes etc, what with you wacking them with shovels, mice with frying pans lol My decisions always seem to be wrong anyways, so now I just don't let it bother me too much lol

    Mr M - yeah mothers in laws can be pretty frightening

    (((((dinah))))) - that cousin of yours likes to take his life in his hands! lol There is no way I'd do that to you with the snake, I value my hide too much lol

    [email protected] - aaawww you're scared of little ole me??

    Casper - I hope one day you will be able to share a fear or two with us.

    IP_SEC - just have to watch a scary movie with someone special, they can protect you and hold your hand

    sweetface - knowing a few of the things you've been through, the fear you have is justified. Give yourself time hon.

    wings - OMG - I totally forgot all about Freddie!!!

    Twitch - that is a common fear, but one that can, with determination, be overcome. My father was raised with a very abusive father (I sometimes was surprised he survived the things he did) and he made a promise to himself and those he loved that he wouldn't be like that, and he never was. I thank the Universe he had the will power to overcome that cycle, and had the utmost respect and love for him.

    llbh - we were "trained" not to listen to our intuition for so long, it's hard to sometimes learn to do that. I'm trying to do that as well.


  • dinah

    *volunteers to watch a scary movie with a Canadian Bumble Bee.*

    Scary movies don't scare me at all. Must be a little jaded.

    I'm really scared of bees, for real tho

  • White Dove
    White Dove

    Bees and sparks too close to me. Those are the only two things that make me panic.

  • Jewel

    Caterpillars of all types. I have a horror of getting one in my hair <<shrugging>> Despite that, I've helped my kids raise dozens of them and we mark and free the monarchs. I NEVER touch them, though...

    Getting old (or at least looking it)

    Something happening to my kids

    I used to be afraid of the GT--no matter how "good" a Witness girl I seemed to be, I knew I was questioning everything too much to survive the Great Tribulation. I can remember New Years Eve of 1975-watching the year tick by and realizing (with HUGE relief) that nothing was going to happen at all...

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