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  • snowbird

    Welcome and sit a spell.


  • annalesia

    Wow! What a lot of lovely "welcomes" - sorry I've been so long in replying - I'm a dumbo on the computer as yet and had to talk to a friend for an hour on the phone before I got back in! Getting senile - I don't think! Isn't life just fantastic now we're OUT? Everyone (you know, the "worldly ones") said I was acting like a teenager but I never was allowed to be one! Life - yes, LIFE - is fantastic - once I'd gotten over the bitterness and anger. I remember my first real laugh just after I got out - something someone said and I got such a stitch in my side I thought it was appendicitis - I'd never had a "belly" laugh in my life and had to waiy until I was 57! My son (43) still a fervent JW and shunning me - daughter disfellowshipped and consulting psychics. Parents were JW's and cut me out of their lives and estate = half brother PO in his Midlands cong. Also shunning. Past caring - honestly - its just great to be able to have a voice, to laugh, to help neighbours - to be NORMAL. Gate crashed the "Memorial" three years ago in distant cong and partook of "emblems" - they didn't know me but the reaction was menacing - I wanted to show up this farce for what it is. I'm 65 now and look back often on the abuse in the WT - odd, you don't realise God never comes into it until you get out! As long as the elders don't find out ................got to go. Love to everyone. Annalesia

  • Eyes Open
    Eyes Open

    Hi Anne, Welcome to the site.

  • annalesia

    Hi again - any ex's from Coventry, West Midlands, England? Would love to get in touch - bet you know me.

  • OnTheWayOut

    Welcome. Your post #3 is pretty sorrowful. We hope to be there for you as friends
    and strengths.

  • sweet pea
    sweet pea

    hello Ann

    Welcome and congrats on having the courage to break free - I sometimes think my mum will never leave because she invested so much of her life and has too many friends who she couldn't cope with losing - you give us hope for our loved ones.

    Look forward to hearing your full story.

    Sam and Paul (aka Besty) - orginally from London with lots of connections in Leeds, Manchester, Scotland.....

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