I am expecting trouble

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  • OnTheWayOut
    Check with Otwo.

    This should never get to the point of a JC. Your FIL spilled the beans to another person
    who was livid that HE knew this from you. You heard from one person and told one person
    who let it be wider known. It's a mess. Just forget about it.

    An investigative committee would have to work it's way to you. But why would they? You
    were not spreading apostate lies. This is a problem of a PO leaking information, and they
    are used to that happening. No committee should be formed on rumors and leaks of actual

    He said that it was under the gb seal for worldwide disclosure no sooner than sunday and I had broken the everliving law of the gb and that I was jumping ahead of jah's chariot.

    You are not jumping ahead, you are repeating the information of someone else who is
    jumping ahead. Just don't name the source. Or name an elder you don't like if you are
    cornered. He will deny it. No two witnesses. The end.

    If I were wrong and two elders wanted to meet with you, just say NO THANKS, I HAVE NO
    NEED FOR SHEPHERDING. They would eventually just have to send one casual elder to
    discuss this with you if you refused to meet two guys. Just don't say more than, I HEARD
    SOMETHING. It'll blow over and nothing will come of it.

  • LovesDubs

    Gosh all you have to do is FART in the wrong direction in this organization and someone takes ISSUE with it! Running ahead??? Your are supposed to be in trouble because someone INSIDE the organization couldnt keep his mouth shut? How is that YOUR fault?

    How many frickin times did the Society say the END OF THE EARTH was coming on an EXACT DATE?? Did they all get disfellowshipped for RUNNING AHEAD OF GOD HIMSELF? And the SON who doesnt even know the day or the hour?


  • WTWizard

    This is an incident where they can get you for someone else blabbing the truth ahead of time. The hounders know you can easily get the information online, on those "apostate" sites. They are too blind to see that it could easily be some blabbermouth in a nearby congregation blabbing the secret locally, and someone e-mailed you.

    And you had the right to know these things. There is no logical reason to hold back until a certain date, aside that they don't want the witlesses to prepare for it when it gets here. Running ahead of the Celestial Chariot? Or, maybe it is someone figuring it out themselves or spreading a truth that they have heard. Either way, they are creating big problems where none should have existed. Maybe if you also heard that they were going to mandate field circus on Book Study Night (which is not yet confirmed but is probable), they might have a "getting ahead of the celestial chariot" issue.

    Unfortunately, the hounders have the power to disfellowship you for anything. All they have to do is claim you are not being submissive to some unreasonable demand (staying out late in field circus when you are sick, putting your whole income in the Worldwide Pedophile Defense Fund, etc.). They tell you to do it, and you do not submit. They can even get you for attempting to meet a "sister" after explicitly telling you to just meet men, for "not being submissive".

    Best bet: Get ready for the inevitable. You might be able to dodge the issue for a while by not keeping appointments or not being available for appointments. However, if the hounders have made up their minds that they want you out, they are going to disfellowship you behind your back or treat not being able to make an unreasonable appointment "not submitting to the hounders' authority". The other options are to disassociate, move to a territory adjacent to the congregation and go between two different congregations, move to another state where they don't know about your being a witless and not leaving a forwarding address, or simply do what you can to comply and wait for the inevitable.

    I also recommend reading some of the threads where Cognac is facing similar problems. This is another case where someone is trying to sneak out slowly but is probably going to run into Brother Hounder. Read some of those posts, since you might find your answer among them.

  • LovesDubs

    Just a side bar to what was just said.....I doubt after telling the JWs that because of gas prices they are eliminating a meeting night that they would turn around and mandate that people go out in field service which would TOTALLY reverse the whole concern they just expressed about rising GAS prices being a burden. Book studies were usually closer to the house, you get there you stay you drive home. You dont drive to a field service arrangement, then drive to the territory, the drive up and down the streets doing returns or door to door and then home again and expect to SAVE on gas doing that.


  • Quirky1

    Toth - Even tho you did open a can of worms they don't have a leg to stand on. I wouldn't really worry about. If you heard it prior to the announcement that is not your fault, that lies in the hands of the PO that leaked the information.

    Remember, it takes two witnesses. Just law low and ignore the a$$holes.


  • lrkr

    Depends on what you want.

    As you know- you have 2 choices:

    1- let them have it or

    2- say that the rumor you heard was just speculation- might have been 3 weeks ago, maybe 3 months ago, cant remember, really not important. Oh and been missing all those meetings because of stress, illness, large tumor growing in your big toe, etc, etc. Really love the brothers, appreciate their concern, oh and what was the real deal with that Dateline thing about the child molesters on bodies of elders???

  • lesterd

    Did it not come from the GB? You have friends there, your FIL doesnt make the meetings, Jehovah found a source to feed him, what if it had been a bird with the letter would it be apostate? Whats the big deal anyway, those changes have nothing to do with truth.

  • Tired of the Hypocrisy
    Tired of the Hypocrisy
    It'll blow over and nothing will come of it.

    Thanks for the info. These folks are so weird and judge - MENTAL it is really quite pathetic.

  • Tired of the Hypocrisy
    Tired of the Hypocrisy

    I also recommend reading some of the threads where Cognac is facing similar problems. This is another case where someone is trying to sneak out slowly but is probably going to run into Brother Hounder. Read some of those posts, since you might find your answer among them.

    Thanks Wiz! I will look into the posts.

  • Tired of the Hypocrisy
    Tired of the Hypocrisy

    My FIL's brother was here and asking my sick wife about it. She knew nothing and he was bugging her. He told her that he had to talk to me about a matter of "great theocratic importance." (He is really looking for some brownie points for this I am sure.) He came off to me all arrogant and demanding I reveal my source so he could report us. I just told him, that I am sorry he was left out of the loop until Sunday, but what I knew was priveleged information and I feel it is innapropriate to share any of it with him even now, including any source I may or not have within the gb, I also told him that I feel he is beneath me since he was only notified like a regular common jw on Sunday, he is obviously not one of the chosen to hear New Light as soon as it peaks over the horizon. HA HA HA HA HA I think my adding a bit of elitist assbagging almost gave him an aneurism!

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