do you still believe god's name is "Jehovah"?

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  • Terry
    First, a superstitious idea arose among the Jews that it was wrong to say the divine name out loud;

    I clearly remember how very embarassed and foolish I felt when I said this to a Rabbi at Starbucks once when I was having a casual conversation.

    He looked at me in a peculiar manner and then, started laughing out loud.


    He kindly explained that "superstition" had nothing to do with the issue of saying God's "name".

    The Law of Moses was the reason!

    The Jews were sensitive to the issue of keeping God's "name" apart from everything else and keeping it holy by not casually or in an improper setting using it for reluctance to break the commandment about "taking His name in vain."

    In other words, something is only special, holy and set apart if you don't USE IT JUST AS YOU WOULD ANY OTHER NAME.


    Jews, even today, will not even write the word:god. They will, instead, write g*d.

    It isn't superstition, it is RESPECT.

    What a contrast with Jehovah's Witnesses who throw the name around and attach it to false prophecy like it private property to be used any way they think seems fit.

    Three points, here.

    1.Nobody alive on Earth today has ever actually WITNESSED god, Jesus, Jehovah, the Lord, Adonai or a spirit of any kind. So, they cannot be actual "witnesses" of Him or it.

    2.JW's would never address their Earthly father as Fred, Sam, or Bill because it would be improper and disrespectful. Rather, like Jesus, it would be more proper to call them Father, Papa, or Dad.

    3.JW's have published so many wrong things as the very word of Jehovah which proved false--they have brought endless shame upon the name they choose to represent as God's true name.

    None of it makes much sense.

    Judge Rutherford, the contrarian, was able to change many things about Christianity in reshaping his personal religion. He took the names of District Courts and Circuit Courts and made District Assemblies and Circuit Assemblies. He changed the purpose of God's plan of salvation into a legal court case between disputants Satan and Jesus. He made members into "Witnesses" instead of Christians.

    What a load of crap.

  • jwfacts

    The word Jehovah is clearly incorrect as it is an interlace of YHWH with the vowels for Adonai. However, names vary between languages, so it probably is not such a big deal to pronounce it incorreclty. However, since YHWH never appears in the New Testament, a Chrisitan following Jesus would not use Jehovah, but rather use the terms God, or the more endearing expression Father.

  • oompa

    In other words, something is only special, holy and set apart if you don't USE IT JUST AS YOU WOULD ANY OTHER NAME.


    Jews, even today, will not even write the word:god. They will, instead, write g*d.

    I wonder how your Starbucks Rabbi would explain the thousands of times the name was actually written in the Hebew Scriptures by Jews? Six times a page! I don't understand his explanation at all. For some reason it did become less used, and it may have been respect, but at one time they batted it around like a pinata.........oompa

  • jgnat
  • RebelWife

    As to pronouncing the name differently in different languages, I say bull. My name is a very odd one, but people from Latin countries, the Middle East and Europe can all say it right. They don't change it. It's unique. So why do people say God's name differently, if in fact we really do know his name? It doesn't bother me if people mispronounce my name because I still know who they're talking to, but it really aggravates a lot of people if you say their name wrong. I don't know how God feels about it, but I wouldn't want to piss him off by throwing around something that sort of sounds like his name. Seems very disrespectful. Terry has an excellent point about addressing our earthly fathers by their given names. I wouldn't do that. When kids say "mom", does anybody really wonder who they're talking to?

  • Mrs. Witness
    Mrs. Witness

    Super Chick & Terry, I've used those arguments with hubby (name the same in all languages, mis-pronouncing, & the father factor) and none of them did any good. Know why? They're logical and make perfect sense. Those in the throes of JWism just don't get it.

  • oompa

    RebelWife, I agree about when talking to your folks....but if you were talking to someone from your folks home town, you would say, "you probably know my Dad, Samuel RebelWife".....names do come in handy eh?..........................oompa

  • Terry

    Imagine looking into a closet full of teddy bears, dolls and other stuffed animals, puppets and toys. A child will have names for these when they are favorites. A child will create a bond. A child will imagine conversations with their beloved menagerie and chat spontaneously. Often the child will create the "actual" voice of their doll or teddy bear when speaking with them. If these objects become lost or damaged, the child will shed real tears and feel deep sorrow.


    Humans are capable of projecting their imagination and animating their deepest fancies upon inanimate objects and treating them as though they were as real as any living being.


    Longing for transcendance.



    Ancient people did this with fetish dolls, idols, art, carvings, and nature itself.

    Projecting identity and power and relationship is part of the human psyche.

    Where consciousness is raised to the point of REALIZING that they are INVENTING what does not actually exist--the human being is FREE from their fears and imagination.

    Religion traps mans consciousness in wish-fulfillment and fear.

    Some never escape.

    The character and persona of JEHOVAH is a powerful one in the lives of Jehovah's Witnesses (and even Ex-Jehovah's Witnesses) until such a time as they are freed by the realization that it is an INVENTION.

    Primitive man and primitive minds gave us Jehovah.

    A fully integrated consciousness becomes aware of this and supercedes the NEED of it.

    Gods, devils and dreams are for children and people with no personal responsibility toward their own life and destiny; people who don't know any better still talk to their toys.

    Jehovah is a sky toy.

  • RebelWife

    Oompa, you're right. However, I wouldn't say Clemuel RebelWife or Samson RebelWife.

  • MissingLink

    Thanks for clearing that up lore.

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