If The Society REALLY Cared About Gas Prices They'd Implement Program Now!

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  • Pistoff

    "I'm sure they will come up with a couple of old brochures to go over until January. I think the death of the bookstudy as we came to know it was because they just haven't printed anything of substance in years and this way they will not have to print more books - They are already cutting down what they present "in the field". I wonder what they will replace the anticipated excitement with at the district conventions if they down on new releases."

    Bingo. This is the first thing I thought of. When the Rev book for the 4th time is the book for study, you are at the bottom of the barrel.
    Whatever comes and goes for changes, tweaks, etc, the bottom line emergency for the WT is this:

    Lack of leadership. Who has the vision to lead this group?? Even bad religions can go for centuries if they have an oracle; the WT went for years with a crazy oracle, and the losses were not as great as they will be in the next 2 years, mark my words.

    Of course, inept and vacuous leadership is exactly what you get when the criteria for advancement is the unquestioning support for current leadership!!
    For decades the ethic for advancement is finding a way to NOT change the status quo; things only change in this miserable cult when outside forces make it so. Think the "donation arrangement", a reaction to the court case with Jimmy Swaggart; think the sex abuse scandal now, and the slow but certain shift away from refusing blood.

    No one has emerged with any vision at all for the witnesses; what has happened in the last 5 years is only corporate adjustments; shorten this meeting, merge this meeting with the last. For support of this idea of lack of vision, re-read the WT on the change in the generation and then compare it to the '95 article. Even though it is also tripe, it at least looked like they had done some research on it, quoting various commentaries. The new article? Bluff, bluster and BS. It makes its claims based on pathetic and arbitrary reasoning that can be shortened to say: it is thus and so, because it HAS to be to fit the current situation.

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