If The Society REALLY Cared About Gas Prices They'd Implement Program Now!

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  • minimus

    The logical thing to do is accept the spirit of the announcement and make just 2 days of meetings, if you're still an attender. Surely, "they" would understand.

  • sspo

    I just cannot beleive how the GB treats its people by coming up with lies and lame excuses for dumping a meeting night.

    They deal with them as they were dealing with brainless idiots and yet no one can say a word against the decision without being looked down

    and being marked as a complainer.

    I sure wish the cult would shut the doors in Brooklyn and let people live.

    I said it before that the GB after 140 years, well knows that they know that they are just another religion with its own interpretation and "jehovah" does not have anything to do with them.

  • sspo

    This is a very good time for those that do not want to go out preaching not to do so.

    Use the same lame excuse as the GB , gas is too expensive.

    Jehovah is definetely not providing any assistance.

  • Open mind
    Open mind

    Gas prices weren't the main focus of the letter.

    Granted, rising gas prices was the first reason given, but the letter then stated that there was an even GREATER benefit to the new arrangement.


    Then it hit the family heads hard with making sure they use this extra night for "Family Worship". Same goes for singles too. Satan's working extra hard, blah, blah.

    Financial relief is nice, but Mind Control is paramount.


  • minimus

    It reminds me in the 80s of what they said about going to college (when it was acceptable) that with the added education, they could pioneer !

    yeah right.

  • AudeSapere

    I agree with all. Can't see any reason for waiting 7 months to make the shift. That makes just no sense to me.

    If they want a clean 'start date', why not make it the beginning of the service year (Sept/Oct - I forget which!) ???

    The 'Gas Price' excuse is lame.

    If they just put some real bible study into the congregation book study, this could become the most attended meeting. But then it can allow for too much independent thought and presentation.

    I think liability could play into this change. I know of two suits against homeowners from CBS attendees. (Slip and Falls)

    Change is definitely afoot - and I think that's good for the rank and file. For the org, though, it may be too little; too late.


  • blondie

    I checked and they won't finish the Revelation Climax book until 7-28-08. Considering the amount of material studied during the current hour, it would stretch this book out longer than I think they want to. I wonder what they will study between then and January 2009?

  • littlerockguy


    Im sure they will come up with a couple of old brochures to go over until January. I think the death of the bookstudy as we came to know it was because they just haven't printed anything of substance in years and this way they will not have to print more books - They are already cutting down what they present "in the field". I wonder what they will replace the anticipated excitment with at the district conventions if they down on new releases.


  • rekless

    Blowing my own horn...I beat you to the post two days ago.

  • MochaLatte

    I was thinking maybe they have to make some changes in the Ministry School in order to shorten it, and the School schedule for 2008 must be completed as published.

    So let it be written, so let it be done.

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