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    "Woe to those who are craving the day of Jehovah..." - Amos 5:18

    "He said: "Look out that you are not misled; for many will come on the basis of my name, saying, 'I am he,' and, 'The due time has approached.' Do not go after them." - Luke 21:8

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    Hey, I know where Turtleford, Saskatchewan is! I've been there!


  • WTWizard
    How gullible and naive are they, the change in the book study means that the end is near! Surely they need to sharpen their critical faculty and become more objective. Otherwise the Filthful and Disgraceful Slavebugger will find it very easy to manipulate them.

    And that's the way they want it. That is why the Filthful and Disgraceful Slavebugger is stopping them from thinking. No independent thinking or studying. No cross referencing doctrine via independent sources. That way, the Filthful and Disgraceful Slavebugger will have what it wants: minds that they can manipulate.

  • sacolton
    Hey, I know where Turtleford, Saskatchewan is! I've been there!


    Did you meet Ernest Shkrobot?

  • Quirky1

    Yeah, I received the same impression from wife, still a Jdub. The end is near connotation.


  • Velvetann

    You are right any change and they think the end is near. Its not depressing for them, but really living your life waiting for the end of the system of things is really not Normal.

    My Mom was in until she died in late 2006. She was always saying to me in Hush Hush tones that the end was near. I know she was trying to scare me into going back but it seemed anything triggered the end was near. She had the television on the news channel and a earthquake or a robbery triggered her, end of the world speech. She had been in for over 50 years and when you are in that long you are just counting the minutes for the fulfillment of all you have dreamed of and put your whole life into.

    I am sure she would have been on the edge of her seat telling me about the end being near because of the new meeting arrangement. A few years ago she said to me that the end was near because they had a new arrangement that they all had to supply their contact info to the Elders or whatever because the great tribulation was near. Just in case they got separated from each other. When my Mom died In Oct 2006 I contacted her JW old friends and told them she had died, all they could say was well she has a hope and you don't and don't you want the elders to contact you for a shepherding call in this time of the end. Its very near I was told, we are distributing a new tract and it will be fulfilled shortly, "the end of false religion is near". Well it seems all those things had no impact or change YET,

    It seems every year they bring out some little change or drastic announcement and then it dies down and doesn't get fulfilled. What I don't understand is how long are these people (JW's) going to go along with the End is Near thing. I mean how long can they drag this out???

    I am so sorry that your wife is in this mind set, it must be very difficult for you. We are here for you.


  • joebin

    yup, the GB passes wind and it smells like paradise.

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