What other toys should go in the bin?

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  • journey-on

    I wonder of JW kids are allowed to play with Star Wars Light Sabers and say things like "May the Force be with you."...or "Come to the Dark Side".

  • TJ - iAmCleared2Land
    TJ - iAmCleared2Land
    I wonder of JW kids are allowed to play with Star Wars Light Sabers and say things like "May the Force be with you."...or "Come to the Dark Side".

    You're kidding, right? Hard-liner witnesses won't even have the movie in their homes! (Of course, many DO...)

    I remember as an elder, the CO telling us in one of our meetings how we needed to improve our shepherding of the friends... seems, as he'd visited some in the congregation with us elders during the week, he noticed movies like "Star Wars" on their DVD shelves. It "obviously indicated their lack of a spiritual mindset" if they'd have movies about war, imagined or otherwise, and "the force" was obviously a reference to spiritistic powers, cleverly disguised by Satan as entertainment through his control of Hollywood.

    (no joke... he really said that to us...)

  • journey-on

    I know a JW mom that lets her kid read Harry Potter? What's up with that?!

    She says it's just a story and her kid knows it's just fiction....no harm.

    Seems to me most JW parents would have a cow if their kid brought that book home.

  • restrangled

    The movie "ET" was produced by the Devil himself....making demons look cute. One elder's young son was allowed to see the movie. There was a "special needs" talk the following week.

    I didn't see the movie until it came out on TV. OOOOOH..... scary, cringe, cringe....! I was watching the devil at work.


  • MissingLink

    Switch is reading your responses and acually LOL. So I thought I'd sign in and see what all the fuss is about.

    Here's my go:

    (5 year old Paddy is playing with toy t-rex)

    Paddy: rrrrrr. munch munch

    Dad: What are you doing paddy?

    Paddy: Playing dinosours. T-rex was the biggest and he's eating all of the others. rrrrr

    Dad: Do you remember the Bible Story (BS) book and what it had to say about God's original purpose for the earth?

    Paddy: Yes, there was a beautiful garden. But dad, where were the dinosours?

    Dad: The bible tells us that before the flood all animals and humans lived in peace with each other. None of them entertained the idea of eating another. We can't even be sure that dinosours ever existed since they weren't mentioned in the bible.

    Paddy: My kindergarden teacher says there's lots of fossils that we can see at the museum.

    Dad: Any "evidence" that the so called scientists present is obviously falsified if it goes against the clear messages presented by our Jewish anscestors. These scientists try make us believe that ancient creatures were brutal and would kill each other like our skillfully designed modern animals. This deception is obviously a ploy from Satan. Besides - the Watchtower says we should not concern ourselves with such matters, since it distracts us from our life-saving work. And that's really all we need to hear. So do you think it would be appropriate for a christian child to play with these toys?

    Paddy: Perhaps my playing with these toys and attributing carnivorous behaiour to them gives validity to the claims of the evolutionists. I can see I was in error. Daddy, will you please buy me some nice sheep toys. I have some stones in the back yard and I want to build an alter to sacrifice them like Abel did.

    Dad: You've made me very proud my son.

  • TJ - iAmCleared2Land
    TJ - iAmCleared2Land
    The movie "ET" was produced by the Devil himself

    The WTBTS actually published an article in the Awake! that castigated that movie... "ET or Christ?" (8 July 1983, I think)

  • Witness 007
    Witness 007

    "Digimon and Pokemon" cartoons were really "Demon" and were banned. And Smurfs....

  • MissingLink

    Switch just remded me that last summer my Dad said he was sending over a nice field service bag for my 5 year old boy. It was real leather and made well so that it would last him a long time even though it got a lot of wear. We hadn't been in the field misery in about 2 years, but the parents weren't aware of this. I was mentally waking up at this point and told him that my son just wasn't ready for it - that he should take it back to the store. I pictured my little boy carrying a leather briefcase, and I didn't like what I was imagining. I want my boy to be a boy, not a freakish boy-pioneer. This pushed me a little further out of "the truth" ® . Thanks dad.

    He really thought that a 5 year old would be happy to get this for a present!

  • JK666

    For adults, anything that vibrates. ;)


  • journey-on
    He really thought that a 5 year old would be happy to get this for a present!

    How funny! I can just see an excited 5-yr. old unwrapping a present.....Oh, boy! What could it be? An X-box, a Wii, an Action figure!?

    Then he pulls out a leather book bag probably complete with the Greatest Teacher book and that yellow one, "My Book of Bible Stories".

    What a let down. And we all know 5-yr. olds haven't quite mastered the tactfulness of a simple "Thank You". I can just see his face.

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