It's official....Bookstudy is DOA

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  • skeeter1

    I totally do not buy the "high cost of gas" as the excuse. If the high cost of gas is a concern, then they should cancel the TMS meeting & field service & offer to pay the pioneer's gas money. The book study meeting was so close to me, we walked to it rather than crowd the driveway. Certainly, they should not wait until January 1st. Prices are going over $4 a gallon this Summer.

    I also don't buy the "family study night". Families were already supposed to be doing that, and were not. But, I think the Governing Body is worried about the young people leaving in droves. I have a shout out to the Governing Body. Cancelling the book study is not going to convince the young ones to stay. Nor, is rehashing stuff with their parents in a family bible study. Kids today are alot more savvy than they were years ago. For example, my first grader has pre-algebra homework, uses the computer, etc. I suspect that kids are able to see through the Watchtower flawed logic (such as the recent doll article) and failed prophecies. Kids today also see the Watchtower not endorsing college...still. The kid will get onto the Internet, either through Internet home schooling or at the public school. If they research their religion, they will realize that they are in a cult. Plus, if their family is like mine....the kid sees a loving father beating his faithful wife....making a great witness to all. So, axing one night a week is not a fix for the high attrition rate; nor is it going to stregthen families.

    But, it is a fix for the pedophile & slip/fall lawsuits. Why wait until January 1st? Perphaps the Watchtower's insurance policy is running out at that time. Perhaps this will give their writing department enough time to make the changes.

  • jam

    just last nite I ask my daughter have you heard any thing concerning the booh study? She said dad the book study is a very important meeting. Where did you here this. I said I have my reliable sources. If you need too know what is going on with in your organization ask me.

  • mcsemike

    I stopped going to the meetings in 1998. But I think there is a lot of truth to the remark that they studied the same books over and over again. I'm not sure but wasn't the red 1989 Revelation book studied like four times within ten years or something like that? What's the point. No one understood or believed it then and that's still the case. In fact, they probably changed some of the "new light" over the years. Maybe that's why they studied it again, to correct the "old light".

    Too many Bethel writers in NYC are using too much "Bud Light".

    Peace to all.

  • zeroscum

    I think this is a great thing for JW's. It is a big challenge to get to all of the meetings (especially with 2 kids under 5) so this will be a welcomed change.

  • TJ - iAmCleared2Land
    TJ - iAmCleared2Land

    Zero, welcome to the board!!

  • jehovahsheep

    i remember the bookstudy was the only meeting where we could have the courage to discuss the material.but a few years ago the elders were directed at the km school to stick to a strict society outline for the they are taking out of there hands and make everyone suffer at the police station.

  • owenfieldreams

    I really think this reflects moving to the Left by the GB. I'm convinced more than ever that there is a power struggle going on right now in NY for control of this organization. Due mainly to new appointments, it appears that Jaracz and the other hardliners have gotten to a point that they no longer have a governing majority on the GB. I think things could get interesting over the next couple of years....

  • All_These_Kids

    Wow! This all sounds so familiar... Isn't this the same thing that has been going on with assemblies over the last thirty years? I hope I am remembering all this correctly, but the four day bore-a-thons of the '70s were very slowly changed into something slightly more manageable. Didn't they split them into one and three days and the meals were phased out over about a ten year period. Each time a change was made, a lame excuse that was offered to reassure everyone. My dad and I would speculate on what the real reasons were, but with no proof, we mostly accepted lines like "Not having meals will make it easier on the brothers..." Also, I swear that by the time I attended the last DC in 2002 that we were being released earlier and that the breaks were slightly longer. I wish I had kept several years worth of programs to compare, but then I never thought I would be married to a nice worldly girl, attend a baptist church and have four children.

  • RubaDub

    Oh, the TMS, the Service Mtg. and the new Congregation bible study will be 35 min. each. Coon ...... Not to nit-pick .. but the Congregation Bible Study will be 25 minutes, the TMS will be 30 minutes and the SM will be 35 minutes for a total of an hour and half. The three songs and two prayers will account for 15 minutes for a total of 1:45, the same as it is now. Rub a Dub

  • ?me?

    ok, now i would like to speculate on what will make up the service meeting and theocratic ministry school...... with 30 minutes for the tms i hope they get rid of the bible reading for brothers. granted it is always nice to read the bible rather than listen to some boring talk, but the idea that it is "practice" for brothers is stupid, i know how to read...-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

    but i bet they may eliminate the #2 "talk" which would have the result of less talks for me, which i like... or maybe they will knock off the stupid "speech quality "talk
    hopefully they will tighten up the service meeting, sometimes we spend 15 or 20 minutes on a simple 5 paragraph article on the top of the front page when it could easily be read and commented on in 6 to 8 minutes. and more and more lately the sm has basically include the elders giving a "talk" based on a recent watchtower article. we all know he basically reads and skip through the article, and arent we supposed to read those anyway.?

    ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------anyone else have any ideas on what changes they will make?

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