It's official....Bookstudy is DOA

by CoonDawg 50 Replies latest jw friends

  • Moby

    The light of the righteous one indeed does get brighter. Very soon all the meetings will be postponed until the new order arrives. Now at least my kids can prepare for school and other important activities, and prepare themselves for the real world - the one we are currently living in!!!

  • tigerzeyz

    About the comment that gas is not going up, the dollar is going down, I think you're mistaken with that theory. Yes the American dollar has been weak, but the Australian dollar here has been strong lately, and the price of fuel is well and truly rising here, as it is all round the world. It's linked to world oil prices, not just one particular currency.

  • besty

    WOW - nver mind the CBS getting cancelled - did you ever see three new posters one after the other like that.....

    Welcome to JWD Moby

    Welcome to JWD Tigerzeyz

    Welcome to JWD Magwitch

    Please each start a new thread in the Friends category telling us what brings you to JWD - stick around - you'll have fun...

  • daniel-p

    i was just about to post the same thing. Welcome, new posters. hope you stick around.

  • heathen

    I had one jw tell me recently that it was because of their growth and being able to let others use the hall on the bookstudy nights . Don't know how for real that is but we will find out.

  • BabaYaga

    Hello and welcome!!!!

  • amama2six

    I do not understand why they cannot walk to the book study if the gas prices are too high. Isn't that what inspired us during the public "blab" on Sunday's? Those emotional and encouraging experiences of our brothers in far away lands walking many miles through deadly conditions to be able to feast at the book study?

    I thought the exact same thing, Mag! :D Welcome!

  • kwintestal

    I wonder how much of this is due to legal, you'd think that a "church sponsored" event at a private home is just asking for a possible lawsuit. For example, a study slips on some ice and wants to make some quick cash ... or much worse, someone is assauted sexually in the private home by the homeowner that the congregation said was a safe home. I wouldn't doubt if that had something to play in the reasoning behind it.


  • heathen

    Well if you "heard" it from the society it must be in print somewhere , please show us where that is...

  • besty
    Well if you "heard" it from the society it must be in print somewhere , please show us where that is...

    This thread has it in Spanish

    A scan was posted in English - cant find it now - definitley referred to rising gas prices - at the time I thought about the 'poor' brothers in Europe who have been roughly triple American prices for many decades.

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