News Flash! Letter from Governing Body announcing meeting schedule changes

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  • PoppyR

    My boys have just come back from the meeting in very high spirits because of this

    I imagine to the Rank and file this is going to be a huge relief. I wonder how many of them actually will use the time for family study.

    I think it's great news, especially for those of us in 'divided' households!


  • bronzefist

    As usual we "apostates" knew "what was afoot" before the "faithful ones" attending the meetings. Anyone ever hear this: " No you have to be at EVERY one, the meetings are SOOOOOOOOOOOOO important! If you don't attend you'll miss out on all the NEW information. Oh my God you can't miss a single meeting!"


  • ?me?

    why wait until january 2009???????? simple, the TMS schedule is set for the rest of the year, and i would imagine the OKM's are pretty much set for the year also, and the rest of the rev book schedule is set already. and we all know that they didn't want to do it, but had to.

  • Quirky1

    Did you see the clincher?

    But there is a benefit of even greater significance. It will offer more time for the important responsibility of Bible study on a personal and family level.

    This is where they make appeal as a directive from the FDLS' link to Jehoover.


  • sspo

    Eventually before Jan 1, 2008, the GB will make additonal changes and get rid of the school, they might keep the bible review and instruction talk but dump students talks. Let bible studies be trained by his/her teacher how to preach from door to door.

    Since they are losing all the young ones,they continue to make changes, they are trying to make it easier to stay as a witness and not burden with heavy schedules.

    I think the GB is finally realizing that the religion is a racket and their jehovah has nothing to do with them.

  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    follow the money. always follow themoney

    Now I've been out for over 22 years but do they still put out a contribution box at the study? Does anyone actually put money in it? Has anyone seen anyone put money in it?

    and control It's always aboutcontrol

    With many of the older books being recycled and having pieces of papers to correct the old truth it just might be that they have found a way to cover up the changes in a more controlled way.

    Suppose that after the book study people talk about the changes made. They might even see some of the changes and try to discuss them during the study. The person in charge would have to try to stem the flow of questions about the changes

    At the hall that makes questionning all the more difficult. It would also inhibit anyone from making those questions. No one want s to be looked at as a doubter

    Hense more control over people's thoughts and doubts

  • BluesBrother

    I heard the announcement this morning too..No question about it now the letter they read was exactly as had been predicted here.

    the reaction in the family was sort of stunned silence....The topic of conversation is Why???? why stop the "best meeting of the week". This leaves the dubs with no "spritual food in between Sunday and Thursday or Friday, or perhaps Tuesday to Sunday.

    Prior to the announcement, if you had said that you had to miss the group regularly then you were considered weak and lacking appreciation . So who lacks appreciation now?

    I noted that they will change it from the "Book Study" to a "Bible Study" that could be just words but may be that they will study something (who knows?) but will not have a book release to study.

    Has the creative mind of the writing dept. dried up so they cannot come up with new study books?

    If they only had to print campaign literature then I guess they are saving money ££ or $$

    I wonder how many U K male dubs will see the need to attend next Tuesday's group discussion of the Rev. book again, after this? after all they could stay home and watch Manchester United v Barcelona on the telly!!

  • sweet pea
    sweet pea

    I reckon that they'll change the weekly meeting to a Wednesday so that the gap between spiritual food isn't so great. That will put a stop to Wednesday being everyone's favourite night of the week!

  • Mary

    In effect, the changes in the weekly program will allow us to strengthen the spirituality of the family, devoting one night to Family Worship. Family heads must assume the responsibility that Jehovah has given to them of leading their households in a significant weekly study of the Bible. (Deuteronomy 6:6, 7) And single brothers and sisters who do not have family responsibilities should use this time for their personal study of the Bible. It is essential to be "buying out the opportune time" and to strengthen one another as we consider the events that are soon to occur.

    In other words: they really don't want anyone having anymore "free time on their hands". They're amalgamating the Bookstudy with the TMS, but still expect you to use Tuesday nights as a "family study" or "personal study". Ya, like that's gonna happen.

  • journey-on

    I noted that they will change it from the "Book Study" to a "Bible Study" that could be just words but may be that they will study something (who knows?) but will not have a book release to study.

    Has the creative mind of the writing dept. dried up so they cannot come up with new study books?

    Another speculation: Every week or month, the writing dept. will prepare a Lesson for the congregations to download and print out (at congo's expense, of course.....postage is also getting expensive.)

    Maybe they will have a new MS position called the Downloader Overseer or the Computer Overseer and these will be distributed at each meeting.

    Edited to add: They would also have to have a Shredder Overseer to make sure a paper trail of failed prophecies and utter written nonsense cannot be traced.

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